Stories by Ellen Messmer

NAI gets ready to take on the Y2K computer

Network Associates (NAI) isn't thinking about partying the night away on New Year's Eve, even if it is the dawn of the next millennium. Instead, the antivirus software vendor is worrying that Y2K viruses are going to mess up the fun.

Hacker Ruse Can Exploit ActiveX Controls

If you're using Microsoft Outlook Express in Internet Explorer 5.0 for e-mail and you don't disable the ActiveX Controls feature, someone could send you a message that could wipe the files off your hard drive or put a new file onto it.

SecureLogix, HP Unveil Tools to Protect the 'Net

Start-up SecureLogix Corp. is developing what it calls a "firewall for phone lines" that can monitor traffic through a private-branch exchange and prevent unauthorized use, such as using a voice line for fax purposes.
The product, called TeleWall, logs all calls and can determine the specific call type, something that traditional PBXs cannot do. Scheduled to ship by year-end, TeleWall will block unauthorized usage and alert network managers, who can set limits on the source, destination, time and duration of calls.

IBM offers PKI integration service

IBM has been delivering Lightweight Directory Access Protocol directory with digital certificate management software - a product bundle altogether known as the SecureWay Vault Registry - for a number of years to customers wanting to build public-key applications.

IBM Presses for New IP Security Implemention

Though the IETF recently sanctioned the IP Security (IPSec) protocol as a proposed standard, IBM Corp. in the next few weeks will pitch an improved version of the protocol that the company plans to implement in products ranging from mainframes to firewalls.

Web Site Monitor Checks Security

Avesta Technologies next week will begin shipping an upgraded version of its Web site monitoring tool that caters to companies running World Wide Web servers for electronic commerce and other extranet applications.