Stories by Heather Havenstein

Borland unveils quality management suite

Borland Software unveiled quality management software Monday designed to eliminate software defects by tightly linking requirements to code as it is built and tested.

TD Ameritrade launches BI competency center

After Ameritrade Holding Group finished its acquisition of TD Waterhouse Group in April, it launched a business intelligence competency center made up of business users whose charter is to monitor and manage TD Ameritrade Holding's BI investments to make sure they yield results.

MS exec on Team Foundation Server launch

Rick LaPlante, Microsoft's general manager of Visual Studio 2005 Team System (VSTS), talks about Team Foundation Server, a key component of VSTS that began shipping early this year. Although Microsoft shipped the other components of Visual Studio 2005 last November, it delayed the release of Team Foundation Server, a server-based product that supports integrated version control, reporting, work item tracking, process guidance and automated build capabilities.

SOAs help improve dialogue between IT, business users

Shaygan Kheradpir, CIO at Verizon Communications, gets several mostly cordial instant messages a day from line-of-business workers -- like customer service representatives -- asking for help with their IT systems.

IT looks to halt user, developer clashes

As users persist in their gripes that applications built by corporate developers don't meet their needs, IT managers are increasingly turning to tools and processes that can ease requirements definition and management efforts.

SOA upends development traditions

While moving toward a service-oriented architecture (SOA) often means radically changing how a company uses software applications, some of the most vexing issues associated with SOA aren't technical -- they involve the challenge of managing people and policies during the shift.

Spreadsheets seen as security hole

In the wake of multiple high-profile laptop thefts and data breaches, some IT shops are launching new initiatives to ensure that sensitive corporate data stored in spreadsheets and business intelligence tools remains secure.

Sun CTO on open-source Java effort

Sun Microsystems Monday unveiled a new Web portal that will detail its efforts to make its Java programming language available as open-source code. Bob Brewin, Sun's chief technology officer for software, talked to Computerworld Tuesday about the company's work to make its Java SE (Standard Edition) open-source.

SAS continues internal reorganization

SAS Institute is in the midst of a corporate reorganization that signifies an increasingly competitive market for business intelligence (BI) tools, according to analysts.

IBM offers prototype for creating mashups

IBM earlier this month brought out a prototype technology that uses Web services and wiki technology to quickly build customized "mashup" applications that can blend external information, like news feeds and weather reports, with enterprise content and services. IBM defines mashups as applications that use open technologies such as Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX), PHP scripting language and syndicated feeds to combine content from more than one source into a single application. In an interview with Computerworld after the announcement, Rod Smith, IBM's vice president of emerging Internet technologies, talked about the genesis of the prototype, called Enterprise Mashup, and how IBM expects to use the new technology.

Companies look to meld BI, business processes for ROI

Embedding business intelligence (BI) into operational processes can help workers make better decisions, but such IT initiatives must be focused on an area that will show a significant return on investment and be designed with business users.