Stories by Heather Havenstein

Destination: integration

While enterprise service bus may have taken a time to get noticed, its integrating personality is winning over players. Heather Havenstein reports.

IBM's Rational executive talks up priorities

Daniel Sabbah, who began his career at IBM in 1974 and was most recently a vice president in IBM's Software Group, recently was named general manager of IBM's Rational division, which makes development and testing tools. He spoke with Computerworld last week at the Rational Software Development Conference in Las Vegas.

IBM unveils tool kits to better link software

IBM has announced new software designed to bridge the gap between development and IT operations by more closely tying its Rational testing and development tools with its Tivoli application management software.

IBM announces WebSphere Data Integration Suite

IBM, which closed its US$1.1 billion acquisition of Ascential Software last week, Wednesday unveiled the first product suite from the combined company and detailed plans for folding in Ascential's integration and data-cleansing technology.

Baked-in security

Profiling, performance plans, coding standards, testing and testing all play a part in getting it right. With Heather Havenstein.

Medical centre taps IBM for IT consolidation

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) has tapped IBM for a US$402 million project to consolidate its IT infrastructure to reduce operating costs and support new applications like electronic health records.

Web services users seek help from middleware

As companies increase their use of Web services to integrate existing applications and build new ones, many are eyeing enterprise service bus (ESB) middleware technology to help reduce their management and routing burdens.

Hammering out Web services links

By 12:50 p.m. Central time on Feb. 28, Verizon Communications had already logged 1.7 million Web services transactions for tasks like looking up customer addresses and selling new services.

WRQ, Attachmate to merge

The investment group that owns legacy access software vendor WRQ announced Tuesday that it has reached a deal to buy rival Attachmate and plans to merge the two into a single company.

Rescue service for mainframe data

Mainframes and legacy systems have presented IT executives with a dilemma for much of the past decade. Heather Havenstein reports on the solutions.

Users turn to operational BI tools

To keep up with competitors, enterprises increasingly are demanding operational business intelligence -- analytics embedded into processes to handle exceptions and make real-time decisions.