Stories by Christopher Jay

Fighting fires with data

With far greater government attention to field data processing and communications, fire and emergency services can better handle on some of the more bizarre and dangerous situations they encounter.

Law enforcement vehicles go high tech

Australian motorists are about to experience the full impact of a whole range of new, computerised electronic law enforcement technology — and some of it will be highly visible highway patrol car equipment.

New transcoders will underpin ABC platform expansion

The ABC is planning a massive upgrade of the transcoding facilities it uses to convert a wide range of video formats for use on television, podcasts, Internet publishing and various forms of mobile and social media.

Mobile networks to boost drone capabilities

The federal government will shortly be facing a string of complex technical and political decisions, with the development of proposals to adapt local mobile phone networks as a continent-wide air traffic control system for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Commercial trucks to succumb to the Internet of Things

One of the great mythologies of Australian long distance truck driving — the image of the 24-hour non-stop driver, staying awake on amphetamines and sliding past load restrictions, speed limits and compulsory rest stops — is set to bite the dust, courtesy of the Internet of Things.

ABC embarks on ambitious digital archive overhaul

The Australian Broadcasting commission is embarking on a massive reworking of its electronic, computing, Internet and archival facilities in what is set to be one of the biggest and most complex upgrade IT sequences seen in this country.

Australian Signals Directorate seeks better access to IT skills

The Australian Signals Directorate, which watches over the Australia’s telecommunications, electronic data networks and external radio monitoring activity, is making an urgent drive to upgrade the nation’s defences against cyber warfare attacks on key data and internet assets.