Stories by Joshua Gliddon

Disaster recovery: The next generation

Traditional disaster recovery has undergone a fundamental shift as simple backup strategies are replaced by technologies that create resilient businesses.

Data quality surfaces to spur financial services

Poor data quality is robbing insurers and financial institutions of between 15 and 25 per cent of operating profits, exposing it as low hanging fruit for the growth-starved financial services industry.

Feds promise $60m in rural funding

The federal government will undertake a competitive selection process for the provision of digital education, health and emergency services in region and rural Australia, starting immediately.

Security spending down in Asia-Pac

According to research firm Frost & Sullivan, the size of the Asia-Pacific network security market has dropped two-thirds in comparison to 2008’s stellar figures.

Google: Page’s Law

You’ve heard of Moore’s Law, which basically says that computer power doubles every 18 months with respect to a given price point.

SMBs ban social networking sites

Small and medium sized businesses are banning social networking sites at a rapid rate, according to research from Telstra and Symantec subsidiary, MessageLabs.

Cars go wireless by 2012

As environmental concerns come to the fore, car makers will increasingly turn away from performance and towards in-car electronics and connectivity as a way of differentiating their vehicles, said Gartner analyst Thilo Koslowski.

Microsoft reveals Bing search engine

Some wags have already started saying that it stands for “but it’s not Google,” a statement that reveals just what a job Microsoft’s new Bing search engine has in front of it.

University of Queensland goes wireless

There are 38,000 of them. They aren’t employees, so you can’t dictate what they use in terms of computing hardware and software. They’re demanding, because they have grown up in the web age, and they expect to be connected where ever they are (even on remote islands and farms).

IBM opens purse strings with its own stimulus package

With governments around the world extending stimulus packages as a means of dealing with the global financial crisis, IBM Global Financing has decided to open its purse strings and deliver a financial stimulus package of its own.

Microsoft, Sydney Uni ink email deal

Microsoft and the University of Sydney have inked a deal that will see the institution’s 46,000 students use the Redmond giant’s Live@edu email solution.