Stories by Mark Gibbs

Guest Column: Novell thinking big and small

"I like thinking big. If you're going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big."
-- Donald Trump
I'm sure you know, but in the unlikely case you don't, BrainShare is Novell's public display of thinking big. The lovefest is held in Salt Lake City, where more than one thousand people paying a little less than $US1500 gather to hear what Novell is doing.

Guest column: Etiquette, monkeys and the Internet

I just got a voice mail message from one Ken Baker. Mr Baker, whom I assume to be a faithful reader, took exception to a comment I made in my November 23 column, "Throwing them into the black hole".

Gibbs' column: ICANN? Can they? We hope they can

Recently I discussed the curiously stupid behaviour of Network Solutions, which used to run the Internet Network Information Center (InterNIC). As if we didn't have enough evidence that NSI was unsuitable to run InterNIC, sending out spam under the guise of pretty much clinched it.