Stories by Jennifer O'Brien

In pictures: Roundtable - How to ‘thrive’ - and 'survive' - in world of IT disruption and unlock your data capital: Sydney

Organisations that are ‘thriving’ in today’s fast-paced ‘data-driven world’ are the ones that are turning the influx of data into competitive differentiation. There’s an explosion of data being generated that must be moved, stored, protected and analysed - and then leveraged and capitalised on. Tech leaders gathered for an exclusive Computerworld roundtable luncheon at Aria - sponsored by Dell EMC - to discuss how companies can thrive in the ‘age of data’ and redefine the role of the datacentre to enable business capabilities fueled by information.

In Pictures: Flash Forward: How to deliver real outcomes in the age of Storage Innovation - Sydney Breakfast

Organisations continue to embark on the digital transformation journey, and many continue to grapple with legacy business processes, applications and infrastructure that require modernisation and automation. But at the same time, historic advancements in storage technology - particularly in all-flash and hybrid data storage - is helping IT leaders run smarter businesses and operate more efficiently. A group of technology chiefs gathered in Sydney for a Computerworld Breakfast, in partnership with Dell EMC and Intel, to hear about the substantive topic of transformation and infrastructure modernisation.

In pictures: HPC meets AI - a world of possibilities

A group of IT leaders gathered in Sydney for an exclusive Computerworld and Lenovo roundtable discussion about the power and possibilities of the connected world of HPC and AI. With HPC considered the engine and ‘lifeblood’ fuelling AI, the technology is no longer just in the hands of researchers and educational facilities, but is sweeping large enterprise thanks to advances in Big Data and massive computational power.