Stories by Stephanie McDonald

The AFP enhances its ICT capabilities

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has announced the launch in a new 'Innovation Centre' aimed at trialling the latest in ICT to help the organisation better tackle crime.

Big Data isn't just about size

David Campbell, technical fellow at Microsoft and general manager of its data and modelling group, told a Microsoft symposium in Sydney on 29 March that he is witnessing more and more people who are realising new value in Big Data. However, he said it is not just about being “big” but about volume which creates value for the user.

Movideo migrates video platform to Microsoft's Cloud

Movideo has inked a four-year agreement, including long-term pricing, technical support and sales and marketing backing, to migrate its online video platform to Microsoft's Windows Azure Cloud for its Asia Pacific clients.

Social media to face a backlash?

Social media websites could face a backlash if they don’t become more transparent about how they use data collected on users, according to Dutch social media researcher, Professor José van Dijck.