Stories by Nancy Weil

Faster, cheaper new Net on the horizon

The next generation internet, commonly called NGI, will be faster, less expensive to use and better able to accommodate more high-speed access options. But for NGI's benefits to be realised, vendors will have to agree to let products interoperate and establish standards, a networking executive said here yesterday.

Sun to Offer Star Division Applications for Free

Sun Microsystems Inc. today announced the upcoming release of StarPortal, a Web-based software suite targeted as a competitor to Microsoft Corp.'s Office and based on technology acquired when Sun bought Star Division Corp.

Hitachi, Dell add 8-way servers to lineup

Hitachi Data Systems has updated its VisionBase server line, including the addition of a new eight-way machine, and Dell Computer also announced yesterday that it will soon start shipping an eight-way server.

Cisco, Apple invest in Akamai

Akamai Technologies has attracted a couple of big-name investors: Cisco Systems and Apple Computer both have bought into the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based startup that offers Internet content delivery services.
The Cisco deal was announced yesterday and the Apple investment, made in June, was revealed. As an indication of the fast track Akamai seems to be on, the Cisco investment of $US49 million amounts to a 4 per cent stake in the company, while Apple's $12.5 million June investment bought it about 5 per cent of Akamai, which is privately held.

Study finds many don't trust privacy on Web

Heightened media and government attention regarding online privacy issues may be creating more fear than calm among consumers, the majority of whom said in a recent survey that a prominently displayed privacy policy on a Web site isn't likely to earn their trust.

EMC to buy DG for $US1.1bn

Storage systems, software and services vendor EMC announced last week it will buy Data General for about $US1.1 billion in a deal aimed at gaining a greater share of the midrange storage market.

Gartner: The world is getting ready for Y2K

Some countries are reporting such remarkable progress in year 2000 remediation in order to allay concerns of trading partners that their assessments shouldn't be believed, according to market researcher GartnerGroup.

Much Y2K work still needed in US government

US state, local and federal governments still have a lot of work to do preparing and testing for the year 2000 computer problem, according to testimony presented at a congressional hearing on Saturday.

SGI reorganises, cuts staff, launches Cray unit

Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI) yesterday outlined a corporate reorganisation that will lead to some 1,500 global job cuts with the creation of several new units, including one for its Cray Research LLC supercomputer business, and partnerships with other vendors.

ICANN controversy extends to White House

With the testing period for a new internet domain registration extended on Friday until September 10, the White House has been drawn into the ongoing battle of words between US lawmakers and those charged with overseeing the process of privatising the registration process.
Representative Tom Bliley, a Virginia Democrat and chairman of the House Commerce Committee, on Wednesday wrote to White House counsel Charles Ruff, seeking to "gain a better understanding" of whether a senior White House official helped the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) raise funds, and if he did whether those fund-raising activities were legal.

EMC to buy Data General for $US1.1B

Storage systems, software and services vendor EMC is to buy Data General for about $US1.1 billion in a deal aimed to give EMC a greater share of the midrange storage market.

US senators chastise ICANN, NSI

Two US senators yesterday joined in the rancorous chorus over the new Internet governance regime, chastising Network Solutions Inc. (NSI) and the Internet Commission for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), in a letter to both contending that they have "unnecessarily complicated" the transition to privatized Internet domain registration.

Dragon Set to Offer NaturallySpeaking Upgrade

Dragon Systems Inc. plans to release the next version of its NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software at the end of this month in American English, with other languages added at the end of the year.
NaturallySpeaking Version 4 will be able to "learn" the voices of users in about five minutes. It also allows users to control Windows desktop applications by voice commands; has new set-up wizards to simplify that process; and enables Web browsing via voice commands, according to the Newton, Massachusetts, company.