Stories by Brian Fonseca

Data explosion forcing IT to seek new backup tools

The need to control and secure a continuing explosion of data across the corporate world is forcing IT managers to constantly be on the lookout for new equipment that can handle perpetually evolving requirements.

NASA launches online historical image gallery

NASA last week launched a new interactive Web site, jointly developed with the non-profit Internet Archive, which initially combines some 21 separately stored and managed NASA imagery collections into a single online resource featuring enhanced search, visual and metadata capabilities.

Intel unveils embedded chipset

Intel has launched its System-on-Chip (SoC) EP8579 integrated processor, which is said to offer lower power and customization capabilities for embedded voice, storage and security applications. The new product family is the first wave of Intel's revamped SoC design, which the company said adds smarter chip intelligence.

Stolen tape puts Bristol-Myers employee data at risk

Bristol-Myers Squibb officials last week confirmed that a non-encrypted backup tape containing the personal data of current and former-employees and their dependents was stolen June 4 from a delivery truck carrying the device.

Hitachi unveils 3.5-in. drives with capacities up to 1TB

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies is set Wednesday to unveil a new 3.5-in. hard disk drive family for desktop PCs. The company said the new line includes better data protection capabilities and 43% better idle power consumption than the Deskstar 7K1000 line.

Unstructured data at risk in most firms, survey finds

Corporate information stored on file servers and network attached storage (NAS) devices is in danger of compromise because IT governance policies and access rules in many companies are incapable of dealing with a massive growth of unstructured data, according to a Ponemon Institute report issued Tuesday.

Sun counsel: Settlement talks with NetApp fail

Sun Microsystems' legal counsel disclosed in the blogosphere Thursday that efforts to settle a patent infringement lawsuit filed against the firm by NetApp have so far been unsuccessful.

US floods force firms into race to keep IT afloat

As historic floodwaters continue to hammer the US state of Iowa, local businesses are already assessing the environmental disaster's impact on IT operations, and how their disaster recovery plans are faring.

Ultrafast storage fuels movie's battle scenes

Hired by Marvel Entertainment to help bring a 9-foot-tall gamma-powered superhero to life on the big screen, officials at the Soho VFX special effects facility needed massive storage availability to help its artists create digitally-rendered fight scenes for the film, The Incredible Hulk, which opens Friday in US theaters.