Stories by Brian Fonseca

Ernst & Young Technologies Breaks into ASP Market

Looking to be a nimble player in the fast-moving application service (ASP) market, Ernst & Young Technologies this week renamed itself EYT and spun-off from Cap Gemini Ernst & Young U.S. LCC to offer application services for mid-sized companies.

Network vendors eye B2B

Increasing interest in business-to- business exchanges has spurred a need for companies to monitor network and transaction performance across many trading partners' connected systems.
Traditional network management vendors have taken notice and are reworking their core system and network management platforms to operate within emerging trading networks.

Andersen Consulting Cuts Ties to Arthur Andersen

Andersen Consulting has been granted complete independence from financial obligations or future relationships with Arthur Andersen and Andersen Worldwide, as per a ruling by an International Chamber of Commerce-appointed arbitrator.

'MafiaBoy' Goes to Court

A Canadian teenager accused of immobilizing some of the Internet's most popular Web sites through a denial-of-service (DoS) attack in February has offered an innocent plea in a Montreal courtroom.

B-to-B E-Commerce Gets Network Management

Increasing interest in business-to-business exchanges has spurred a need for companies to monitor network and transaction performance across many trading partners' connected systems.

BMC Extends Management to Exchanges

As business-to-business exchanges begin to reshape e-commerce and online transaction processes, BMC Software Inc. is banking that improved systems management of b-to-b environments will be in high demand. To reinforce that prediction, company officials announced Tuesday BMC's new focus and capability to offer customers management of those extended enterprises.

Predictive Analysis Platform Extended

Computer Associates International Inc. on Wednesday extended its Neugents agent technology for e-business predictive analysis to non-CA platforms, with the release of Neugentsii.

Blanket insecurity?

Consumer confidence in doing business via the Web is heading for shaky ground as a rash of online security glitches and privacy breaches tarnishes the image of Internet commerce.

Pricing Inhibits ASP Market

Microsoft Corp.'s announcement of two different pricing models for its Microsoft.NET strategy is adding to the confusion among potential ASP (application service provider) customers who are unsure of the most cost-effective pricing model to sign up for, according to industry observers.

Personalization and Web Analysis Sink In

The practice of determining who is visiting and buying at a Web site has evolved from a simple marketing pulse-check into the critical exercise of logistically tracking and identifying the course of a company's e-business scheme.

Security Means Never Having to Say 'I Love You'

Frank Woords remembers his exact whereabouts when he found out just how painful and costly the words "I Love You" could be. It was May 4, recalls Wood, COO of the New Mexico State Highway Department. He was sitting in a meeting in Albuquerque when he received a priority call from his Santa Fe office. The news struck him like a freight train: Massive amounts of IT infrastructure in his department had been infected by the mercurial e-mail called "I Love You" that was spreading a file-and JPEG-deleting worm and wreaking global havoc.

Bowstreet Makes Web Services Wave

Though Thursday's headlines undeniably belonged to Microsoft Corp. and the early buzz surrounding its highly anticipated Microsoft.Net project, software developer Bowstreet Software Inc. proved that an old hand at the Web services game still has a few cards up its sleeve.

Virus raises concerns about wireless security

Reports circulating out of Spain this week that a computer worm was able to spam wireless phones within its country's borders via email has raised questions over the existing protection of wireless devices from malicious code attacks.

Outlook patch ships

After a three-week delay, Microsoft's Outlook E-mail Security Update is now available for free download for Outlook 98 and Outlook 2000 SR-1 customers at