Stories by Brian Fonseca

Achieving End-to-End Management

Once upon a time, the network world stood distinctly separate from software and computer system administration. E-commerce has changed that in one swift stroke, requiring a new breed of business-savvy IT managers with responsibility for just about everything running end-to-end throughout an infrastructure.

Tivoli Unveils Netview 6.0

Making use of the end-to-end reporting capabilities of a company's enterprise is becoming much more of a critical factor for network management during these days of the booming e-business age.

Microsoft Adds Biometrics to Its Technology Stable

Microsoft Corp. announced the acquisition of I/O Software Inc.'s Biometric API (BAPI) technology and SecureSuite authentication technology as a means of adding biometric user-recognition capabilities to future versions of Windows.

Management Tools Take Stage

Network Management administrators seeking that elusive ingredient to tie their enterprise directly into the company's online business process should find plenty of e-commerce network performance and analysis options to choose from at the NetWorld+Interop trade show in Las Vegas next week.

Canadian Mounties get their Mafiaboy

After a two month cybermanhunt, a 15-year-old Montreal teenager, who went by the online name Mafiaboy, was arrested last week in connection with the distributed DoS (denial of service) attacks that immobilized Internet giants including CNN, eBay, Yahoo Inc., Inc., and ETrade Group Inc. in February.

Denial of Service Suspect Arrested in Canada

A 15-year old Montreal boy with the alleged Internet codename of Mafiaboy has been charged as the prime suspect in connection with the DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks that briefly immobilized and brought down Internet giants eBay,,, and ETtade back in February.

Health Care Data Deadline Looms

Less than six months removed from Y2K, the health care industry is readying itself to face yet another deadline-oriented IT infrastructure upheaval aimed at bringing bring health care providers into the electronic age.

Computer Associates Focused on Security

Although the issue of security did not garner its own press conference or special announcement at the CA World 2000 conference here this week, Computer Associates International Inc. says the subject is still very much on the minds of the company as it embarks on its much-publicized e-business launch.

CA Touts Unicenter Platform for Device Management

Left behind through many of the announcements and innovations Computer Associates International Inc. has generated at its CA World 2000 conference here so far, CA's Unicenter TNG (The Next Generation) system management system finally grabbed headlines today, thanks to partners that are deploying mobile e-business platforms via CA's flagship management product.

Centricity Helps Set App Delivery Policies

Centricity Inc., a startup launching next week, is targeting the control and delivery of "personal application services" across the Internet as its answer to managing expanding custom-based infrastructure policies.

Resonate Promises Better Net Service Management

Network management specialist Resonate Inc. has updated its Internet Service Management product line with upgrades for Resonate Commander 3.1, Resonate Global Dispatch 3.0, and Enterprise Services Console 2.0.

Ensuring Secure Transmission

Ensuring secure transmission, reception, and management of e-mail messages and digital content is rapidly becoming a key challenge for IT managers as these technologies become increasingly essential for e-business operations. From e-mail interception to the threat of flawless reproduction of downloadable content, the security threats are becoming too great for IT managers to ignore.

CA Reaches New Dimension With Unicenter TND

Users can now kick the tires on Computer Associates' Unicenter TND (The Next Dimension), the company's upcoming incarnation of its systems and network management platform which is now available in a beta test release for selected sites.

One Year After Melissa, IT Eyes Outsourcing

One year ago this week, the infamous Melissa macrovirus wreaked unprecedented havoc on corporate and consumer e-mail systems worldwide, setting the stage for a long list of troublesome viruses and worms that followed, and prompting a shift by major anti-virus vendors toward managed services.