Stories by Ira Winkler

Ouch! Apple’s free publicity could backfire

Apple is trying to position itself as a staunch defender of citizens’ privacy. But when you extend its arguments to their logical conclusion, it comes out looking like the company is incapable of protecting its secrets.

The CSI Effect comes to RSA Conference

The conference organizers didn’t expect the outrage that followed the scheduling of a session on the TV series <i>CSI: Cyber</i>. They should have, though.

The ‘sophisticated attack' myth

Sometimes I wonder whether any company will ever fall victim to an unsophisticated cyberattack. Because after every attack that comes to light, we hear that same excuse: It was a sophisticated attack.

Why <i>The Interview</i> won't play in Peoria -- for now

Maybe I should be outraged by Sony's decision not to distribute the movie <em>The Interview</em>, but I am merely saddened by it. I am saddened that a hacking incident with all the hallmarks of a simple case of extortion has been distorted so it looks like a terrorist threat.