Stories by Sam Costello board recommends NAI deal

After repeatedly denying their parent company's attempts to bring them back into the corporate fold,'s special board of directors last Friday recommended that the company's shareholders tender their stock to Network Associates, bringing the two companies one step closer to reunion.

NetScreen adds IDS with OneSecure purchase

Firewall and virtual private network hardware and software maker NetScreen Technologies Inc. is adding intrusion detection and prevention systems to its list of products, thanks to the acquisition of OneSecure Inc.

MS fixes tool flaw; another appears in SQL Server

A security vulnerability in a tool used by developers and select customers to download software from Microsoft Corp. Web sites could allow an attacker to take over vulnerable systems, according to a security alert distributed by Microsoft to some developers Tuesday.

CERT: CDE ToolTalk flaw could give root access

A buffer overflow in the ToolTalk RPC database server used in the Common Desktop Environment (CDE) on systems from vendors such as Sun Microsystems Inc. and IBM Corp. could allow an attacker to run code with root privileges, according to a security alert released Monday by the CERT Coordination Center (CERT/CC).

ISS upgrades RealSecure Desktop Protector

Internet Security Systems (ISS) announced an upgrade to its RealSecure Desktop Protector software that provides security features on desktop PCs, adding more security features to work with VPNs (virtual private networks), as well as features designed to block the spread of worms and other unwanted applications.

Trend Micro adds antivirus trio for Linux

Looking to provide protection for what it sees as the growing numbers of Linux users, Trend Micro Inc. Monday announced a trio of new antivirus and content scanning products for gateways, groupware and servers in conjunction with the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo being held in San Francisco this week.

Macromedia Flash security hole affects Windows, Unix

A security hole in the widely used Macromedia Inc. Shockwave Flash file format used with Web browsers can allow an attacker to execute code of their choice on affected systems, according to a new security alert released Friday by eEye Digital Security Inc.

Sun One Web server flaw can run attack code

A security hole in Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Sun One and iPlanet Web servers can allow an attacker to launch a denial of service attack on the server and to run attack code of his or her choice, according to a security alert released Friday by eEye Digital Security Inc.

Security holes in Google Toolbar patched

A series of security holes in the Google Inc. Toolbar, an application offered by the popular search engine that adds easily accessible search features to Web browsers, could allow an attacker to read files, reroute searches and execute scripts on an affected PC, according to a security alert released Thursday by GreyMagic Software.

CERT: Security flaw in Sun library affects Kerberos

A security hole in the XDR (External Data Representation) Library provided to a number of vendors by Sun Microsystems Inc. could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code on an affected system or cause a denial of service, according to an advisory released Tuesday by the CERT Coordination Center (CERT/CC).

AT&T Wireless expands international roaming

Italians visiting Iowa and Americans travelling in Australia will be able to use their existing GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) phones on local networks, thanks to a tidal wave of new international roaming agreements announced by AT&T Wireless Services Tuesday.

Hackers called truthseekers, problem-solvers

Hacking is not about creating viruses, breaking into computer systems or even rainbow-dyed hair, but is instead about the search for truth, critical thinking and the pursuit of knowledge, according to Richard Thieme, an author, consultant and former Episcopal priest, who addressed attendees here Saturday.

BindView, Procinct release security services

The Black Hat security conference being held in Las Vegas does not normally feature many new product announcements, but BindView Corp. and Procinct Security Corp. are bucking that trend, with each company announcing a new Web-based security service.

Check Point expands VPN connection options

In a move designed to give users a greater range of devices to connect to virtual private networks (VPNs), Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. announced three feature upgrades to its software Tuesday.