Stories by Sam Costello

IBM launches VPN for developers

IBM Corp. has created a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for developers that aims to reduce the cost and time associated with porting and testing applications for IBM servers and software, IBM said Tuesday. A VPN is a secure method of transmitting data over the public Internet as if it were a component of the local network.

Aberdeen: .Net will redefine CRM market

The combination of Microsoft Corp.'s .Net initiative, Web services and Passport authentication system will change the definition of CRM (customer relationship management) and give Microsoft and its partners a large foothold in the CRM market for small businesses, according to a report from research firm Aberdeen Group Inc.

Flaw in Windows Media Player lets any code run

A bug in the way that Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Media Player 6.4 handles a certain type of streaming media file can allow attackers, given the right conditions, to execute any code on target systems, Microsoft said in a security bulletin released Tuesday. At the same time, Microsoft issued a fix for the problem.

Loudcloud offers four new security services

Managed services provider Loudcloud Inc. Tuesday announced the availability of four new security services, beefing up the features and offerings of the Loudcloud Security Services suite.

Nokia offers multimedia phones, Bluetooth devices

Mobile phone giant Nokia took the wraps off three new mobile phones, including one outfitted for multimedia communication, as well as three Bluetooth wireless network devices at the Mobile Internet Conference in Barcelona Monday.

IBM creates global security services division

Looking to offer a broader suite of services to companies and the government, IBM on Monday announced the formation of a new division that will focus on security, safety and privacy.

Virus numbers dwindle, but impact increases

Though the overall number of viruses being detected each month is falling, the severity of the viruses that are being written is increasing, with this year's Code Red and Nimda worms as perfect examples of this trend, according to Vincent Gullotto, the senior director of McAfee AVERT Labs, who spoke here at Comdex Wednesday. boosts firewall service with IDS Corp.'s Personal Firewall service will soon offer intrusion-detection capabilities and, in the Pro edition, a new traceroute feature, the company announced here at Comdex Monday.

Symantec finds, closes security holes with ESM

Working from the idea that security software is only as good as the last time it was updated, Symantec Corp. Monday released a new version of its vulnerability assessment tool Enterprise Security Manager.

Check Point adds easy VPNs, certificates to NG

Leading firewall and virtual private network (VPN) vendor Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. unleashed a raft of new features on its users Monday when it unveiled Feature Pack-1, the first feature update to its Next Generation firewall and VPN product that was released in August. The upgrade aims to provide more simplicity in creating VPNs, while also accelerating performance.

NetScreen eases network admin with Global Pro

With an eye on reducing the time and costs associated with administering large, geographically-dispersed, remote networks, NetScreen Technologies Inc. Monday announced a new version of its Global PRO network management system. NetScreen also took the wraps off Global PRO Express, a feature scaled-back version of Global PRO, targeted at smaller enterprises.

Security to trump other matters at ICANN meeting

The Sept. 11 terrorist attacks have caused numerous organizations to increase their focus on security and ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), which oversees the address system for the Internet, is no different.

Survey: One in nine IIS servers compromised

One in nine servers running Microsoft Corp.'s IIS (Internet Information Services) has software installed on it that would allow attackers to take complete control of the system, according to a new survey by Web server information firm Netcraft Ltd.