Stories by Sam Costello

Symantec set to roll out Norton Net security suite

Almost a week after it released the new version of its flagship antivirus product, Symantec Corp. Tuesday unveiled Norton Internet Security 2002, an integrated firewall, privacy, antivirus and content filtering suite.

Microsoft releases tool to lock IIS systems

Microsoft Corp., whose Web server and security products have been stung recently by a series of high-profile flaws, released a new security tool Thursday, the second time in as many weeks the company has done so.

SecureWorks adds McAfee antivirus to managed security

SecureWorks Inc., a managed security services provider, will begin offering its customers antivirus protection using technology licensed from McAfee ASaP, a division of Network Associates Inc., SecureWorks said Wednesday.

McAfee to fight DoS with Asta, Mazu and Arbor

McAfee, a division of Network Associates Inc., announced Monday that it is teaming with anti-Denial of Service (DoS) companies Mazu Networks Inc., Asta Networks Inc. and Arbor Networks Inc. to develop a method of stopping DoS attacks. The initiative will aim to identify when networks are under attack, but also to determine whether the systems involved in the attack are acting knowingly, or whether they've been taken over and are being used by attackers, McAfee said.

Does Linux have a future on the desktop?

The hype about Linux's potential as a desktop operating system started years ago. But just as easy-to-use interfaces are being crafted for the operating system, which has had a stronghold in the server arena for a number of years, troubles faced by some Linux companies lead observers to question whether it will ever truly compete with Windows for desktop dollars.

Microsoft warns of three flaws in ISA Server

Microsoft Corp. Friday said that one of its security products, ISA (Internet Security and Acceleration) Server 2000, has three different security holes that could lead to denial of service attacks. Microsoft has issued a patch to fix all three vulnerabilities.

CERT warns of security hole in HP OpenView

A vulnerability in Hewlett-Packard Co.'s OpenView and Tivoli Systems Inc.'s NetView can allow an attacker to gain privileges on servers and, in some circumstances, even take the server over, according to a security bulletin released earlier this week by the government-funded network security group, Computer Emergency Response Team/Coordination Center (CERT/CC). Both HP and Tivoli have issued patches to fix the problem.

U.S. government gives IBM's ASCI White a public debut

Touted as the fastest supercomputer in the world, IBM Corp.'s ASCI White was given a public dedication at California's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Wednesday where researchers showed the first scientific data obtained using the system.

Microsoft offers two new security tools

Almost a month after the first outbreak of the Code Red worm spread across the Internet by attacking vulnerable Microsoft servers, Microsoft announced Wednesday the release of two new security tools aimed at helping systems administrators and users keep their systems up to date and protected.

McAfee's services patent raises questions

By obtaining a new patent for how it delivers software services via the Web, Corp. may have cornered the market on what is viewed by some as a major source of future growth. Opinion on the matter is split between lawyers and vendors, while McAfee says that it is just protecting its business.

Jupiter: Users balk at giving personal info online

Consumers, especially those in their first year online, are reluctant to provide much personal information to companies other than banks, according to a new study released Monday by research firm Jupiter Media Metrix Inc. Additionally, the study found that the majority of users surveyed are resistant to models like Microsoft Corp.'s Hailstorm, in which a single company stores user information and gives it to other vendors, companies or to the user upon request.