Stories by Sam Costello

SDMI loses 27 members, gains 9

The Secure Digital Music Initiative, a multi-industry attempt to create a standard for secure, copyright-friendly digital music files, has lost 27 members, but gained nine new ones, according to a filing made by the body to the U.S. Department of Justice Monday.

VeriSign to register domains for 2 countries and .cc

More than likely, you've never heard of the country of Niue. You've probably heard of Belize, however, and you may have even visited a Web site with a .cc domain name. Regardless of your familiarity with small countries and small parts of the domain name space, thanks to a series of agreements announced by VeriSign Inc. Wednesday, you'll now be able to register Web sites for any of the three through VeriSign-affiliated registrars.

3Com offers Bluetooth PC card, but questions remain

3Com Corp. announced the availability of a new Bluetooth PC card for notebook computers Tuesday. Bluetooth is a wireless networking standard designed to eliminate cables and allow devices such as PCs, phones and printers to communicate wirelessly.

Report: MS ends 'naked PC' program

Well, it seems that computer dealers can forget about getting free watches or grills for snitching on their customers to Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft fixes security flaws in Windows Media Player

Microsoft issued its second security warning and patch of the week when it acknowledged and offered a fix for two flaws in Windows Media Player Wednesday. The flaws affect Windows Media Player 6.4 and 7 and can allow an attacker to run programs and read, modify or delete files on a user's computer.

FBI charges 90 in Net scam busts

Federal and state criminal charges will be brought against roughly 90 individuals and companies for crimes including wire fraud, mail fraud, bank fraud, money laundering and software piracy related to Internet scams, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) said Wednesday.

HP offers new business services

Hewlett-Packard (HP) and its partners will offer a new array of services to business software customers using HP's OpenView and Netaction products, the company said Tuesday. stops mirroring Web site defacements, the nonprofit Internet security site that has long hosted copies, or mirrors, of hacked Web pages will no longer feature defaced sites, the group announced Monday in a statement on its Web site.

Microsoft, McAfee forge .NET alliance

Microsoft Corp. and antivirus and security firm Corp. announced an alliance Tuesday that will see McAfee incorporate some of Microsoft's .NET technologies into its offerings and also support Microsoft's suite of "Hailstorm" services, which are tied to .NET.

New worm tries to fix infected Linux systems

A new worm spreading on Linux systems throughout the world is, counterintuitively, trying to do some good. The worm, called Cheese, attempts to fix any damage created by the Lion worm which plagued Linux servers in March.

Microsoft set to launch Xbox on Nov. 8

Microsoft's Xbox video game console will be available on Nov. 8 at a price of US$299, the company announced Wednesday at the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) gaming show in Los Angeles.

New worm spreads disguised as virus warning

Antivirus companies have long cautioned users against opening unexpected e-mail attachments or attachments sent by strangers, but thanks to a new e-mail worm spreading this week, antivirus companies can add themselves to the list of not-to-be-trusted e-mailers.