Stories by Sam Costello

After lawsuits, its slow going at

Despite four months of effort and spending more than US$100 million, not to mention learning to navigate the byzantine structure of music industry copyrights, Inc. is still unable to do much of anything with its flagship service.

Dell expands services portfolio to support, consulting

Dell Computer Corp. announced Wednesday a new set of services, called Premier Enterprise Services, aimed at speeding customization, installation and service of business systems for enterprise customers, the company said in a statement.

RIAA blasts Napster for violating court order

There is no subtlety, no mistaking the position taken by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) in its latest legal brief: "Napster has failed to abide by either the letter or the spirit of this Court's Preliminary Injunction." The brief was filed today as part of the injunction handed down earlier in March by US District Court judge Marilyn Hall Patel [cq] and details the RIAA's view of Napster's compliance with her order.

Napster to court: Labels are overzealous

In its second brief detailing its compliance with a judge's order to block copyrighted materials from its service, Napster said the record labels suing it have "placed a serious and inappropriate economic and physical burden on Napster, (resulting) in significant overexclusion of legitimate ... files."

Seven lines of code can crack DVD encryption

The fight over DVD (digital versatile disc) descrambling and the legal issues involved will seemingly not go away, as the fight gained a new participant this week when a tool to help decrypt DVDs was released onto the Internet.

FBI: No Net user is immune to online fraud

The widespread adoption of new technologies has created new opportunities for fraud that any Internet user is susceptible to, a situation made worse by ignorance about the issue, according to a new study released this week.

Study: Companies will be slow to adopt B2B

A new study by market research firm Jupiter Media Metrix Inc. released Monday found that managers in charge of purchasing for their companies plan to make only 20 percent of their purchases online by 2002.

Legal Linux DVD Player on the Horizon

If Intervideo Inc.'s LinDVD software, on display at the Comdex trade show here, had been available a year ago, perhaps there never would have been a DeCSS case.

Palm Unwraps New Net Services

Calling the development of wireless, pervasive connections to the Internet a "sea change," Palm Inc. chief executive officer Carl Yankowski introduced Monday a new wireless Internet access kit and service for Palm handheld devices.

Metromedia Acquires SiteSmith for US$1.36 Billion

Metromedia Fiber Network Inc. (MFN) announced Tuesday that it will acquire Web site services company SiteSmith Inc. in an all-stock transaction valued at US$1.36 billion at the close of trading Monday.

New Bluetooth Headset Among First to Market

BOSTON (10/05/2000) - A Nashua, New Hampshire, company has beaten mobile phone heavyweights Nokia Corp. and L.M. Ericsson Telephone Co. to the Bluetooth punch. GN Netcom Inc. has announced one of the first officially qualified Bluetooth devices, its GN 9000 Bluetooth wireless headset.