Stories by Kuriko Miyake

Sony, Nichia to pursue blue laser diode market

Sony Corp. and Nichia Corp., a Japanese developer of blue lasers, have reached a basic agreement to jointly commercialize blue laser diodes by the first quarter next year, they announced Wednesday.

NEC to slim further, move to global market with HP

NEC remains committed to its restructuring plan and will continue to spin off, merge or integrate business units as it deems necessary, Koji Nishigaki, president and chief executive officer (CEO) of NEC, said in Tokyo on Wednesday.

Hitachi joins push for CIM storage standard

Hitachi Data System Corp. and its parent Hitachi Ltd. will join other storage vendors in the Storage Management Initiative (SMI) Forum to deliver products compliant with the Common Information Model (CIM) standard by 2003, Hitachi said in a statement Monday.

Mitsubishi develops new device for optical networks

Mitsubishi Electric Corp has developed a new semiconductor optical modulator which can double the distance over which data can travel within optical fiber metropolitan or backbone networks at 40G bps (bits per second), the company said last week.

Mitsubishi, Hitachi to form chip joint venture

Mitsubishi Electric Corp. and Hitachi Ltd. have agreed to strengthen their semiconductor businesses by forming a joint venture that will focus on system LSI (large-scale integration) operations, the two companies announced Thursday.

Mitsubishi plans to scale back its DRAM business

Mitsubishi Electric Corp. is looking for ways to scale back its DRAM (dynamic RAM) business and is considering an alliance with other companies, both in Japan and overseas, the company said Wednesday.

IBM, Hitachi to offer gene information service

A Hitachi Ltd. subsidiary and IBM's Japanese unit will tie up to start a new online information delivery service to help pharmaceutical companies to quickly collect necessary genetic information, the two companies announced last Friday.

Sony develops new copyright protection technology

Sony has unveiled digital rights management (DRM) technology that can protect content for use on various types of devices and allows usage conditions for content to be controlled by the distributor.

NTT cuts time for search engine updates

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. (NTT)'s research and development (R&D) center has developed a new technology that allows large volumes of data to be used for a search engine, to be collected and categorized much faster than a conventional system, the company said Wednesday.

Sony posts profit on record first-quarter sales

Despite continuing uncertainty in the global economy Sony posted record sales in its first fiscal quarter, the company announced yesterday. Sales and operating revenue totalled ¥1.72 trillion (US$14 billion as of June 30), a 5.4 per cent increase from the same period last year. The boost was in part due to the lower value of the yen against foreign currencies, Sony said.

Fujitsu increases hard disk data density

Fujitsu Ltd. started shipping samples of 60G-byte 2.5-inch hard disk drives (HDDs) with an areal density of 53.2G bpsi (bits per square inch) this month, the highest density available in this HDD class, the company announced last week.

Twin-head HDD designed to keep out hackers

Hackers will be unable to attack Web sites protected by a new security system unless they can change the laws of physics, according to Naoto Takano, chief executive officer of Scarabs Corp., a Japanese venture in Chiba Prefecture.

IPv6 gets on the move

Trials and demonstrations of IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) have been going on for a while now, but the widespread arrival of this long-awaited successor to IPv4 has yet to occur, although engineers and experts have been declaring almost every year recently as the beginning of IPv6.

IP will come to SANs in 2003, says SNIA

Several new technologies which may replace Fibre Channel as the main way of providing connectivity to storage area network (SANs) will begin to make their mark in 2003, according to Brad Stamas, chairman of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA).