Stories by Kuriko Miyake

Japan's RWC project offers glimpses into IT's future

A glimpse of the technology of the future, including products incorporating "intelligent" hardware and software, as well advances in parallel and distributed computing, was on display here at the Real World Computing (RWC) Project's final exhibit and symposium.

Organic EL displays make many appearances

Organic electroluminescent (EL) displays, which many regard as a next-generation display capable of replacing LCDs (liquid crystal displays), made appearances in several mobile device prototypes at the CEATEC Japan 2001 exhibition and wowed attendees with their bright, rich colors.

NEC slimming down its business

NEC has reached an agreement to transfer the bulk of its electronic component business to one of its subsidiaries, Tokin Corp., the two companies announced Tuesday. The deal is part of NEC's ongoing reform plans, which will see the company focus solely on the development and production of system LSI (large-scale integrated circuit) chips.

US ATTACK: Asian tech stocks hammered

Asian stock markets tumbled Monday as expectations mounted that U.S. markets, which open later today for the first time since last week's terrorist attacks, will fall sharply on opening.

High-school girls rule Japan's telecom market

It's summer and kids are on vacation. But in Japan, high-school girls don't hang out at shopping malls or get a suntan at the beach. They become advisory board members to big companies like Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT).

Sharp is ready to enter the global PDA market

Sharp Corp., the leader of Japan's PDA (personal digital assistant) market with its Zaurus series, is ready to enter the competitive markets of North America and Europe. The company will unveil its prototype PDA for overseas markets at the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) show that starts on Aug. 25 in Berlin, a company executive said Wednesday.

Sharp unwraps new Zaurus

Sharp Corp.'s latest Zaurus PDA (personal digital assistant) was unveiled on Wednesday afternoon, with a built-in video recorder, camcorder and mobile phone.

Hacked Web site damaged PCs in Japan

Malicious JavaScript downloaded from a hacked auction Web site caused Japanese Internet users serious problems over the weekend, the Japanese government's Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA) reported Tuesday.

Fujitsu announces restructuring, 16,400 job losses

Fujitsu Ltd. disclosed Monday plans to lay off 16,400 workers worldwide as part of a business reform across its entire group. The restructuring, which will hit the company with extraordinary losses of 300 billion yen ($A4.24 billion), is the company's answer to deteriorating business conditions in many of its business units worldwide.

Competition opens up Japan's ADSL market

The number of ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) subscribers in Japan skyrocketed to over 400,000 at the end of July, the Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications (MPHPT) announced Thursday. The figure is 10 times higher than the total number of subscribers five months ago.

User says DoCoMo's 3G video phone could be smarter

Since NTT DoCoMo launched the world's first 3G (third-generation) telecommunication service on May 30, much of the talk, despite its boasts about being first with 3G, has been mostly about technical glitches, handset recalls and the delayed distribution of its video phone.

Hi-tech analyzer lets you feel like a dog

Man's best friend is perhaps tired of listening to your grumbling. Japanese toy maker Takara and cell phone content provider Index have developed a product which analyzes dogs' emotional feelings and conveys them in words. Now it's your turn to listen to what your dog barks about and find out if he's your real friend.