Stories by Kuriko Miyake

NTT sends 10T bps down single fiber

Researchers at Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. (NTT) have developed a new multiplexer which will allow optical fibers to transmit data at 10T bps (bits per second), the company said Thursday. It plans to commercialize the technology before March 2002 on its optical trunk network between cities in Japan.

Kyocera suspends mobile phone exports to China

Kyocera, one of Japan's leading cellular phone makers, suspended production in early July of components for PHS (Personal Handyphone System) handsets destined for export to China, a company spokesman said on Tuesday.

Japanese wireless Internet content goes to China

Mitsubishi, a large Japanese trading company, and Index Corp., a content provider for wireless Internet services, said Monday they will each buy a stake in Shanghai Linktone Consulting Co. Ltd., a provider of wireless Internet content. The two Japanese companies will start distributing content for Chinese mobile telephone users through Linktone in the third quarter of this year, they said.

Toshiba makes adding support for SD cards cheaper

Toshiba has developed a new microcontroller chip for digital audio players and other portable electronics devices, such as digital still cameras, that integrates several functions that previously required separate chips, it announced Monday.

Hitachi announces smallest IC chips

Hitachi Thursday announced it has developed a non-contact IC (integrated circuit) chip that is smaller than a grain of rice and designed to be embedded in a piece of paper, according to the company, which claims the chip is the smallest non-contact IC in the world.

Japanese companies prepare Bluetooth trials

There will be hot spots in Japan this summer, but they won't be caused by rising temperatures. Three companies, Nippon Ericsson K.K., Handspring Inc. and trading company Marubeni Group, plan to conduct a three-month test of Bluetooth wireless technology at several "hot spots" in the country starting from mid-July, and hope to extend the trial to other Asian countries, they announced on Tuesday.

DoCoMo fights back against spammers

NTT DoCoMo Inc. hopes to help users of its i-Mode wireless Internet service stop junk e-mails, commonly known as spam, by dragging junk e-mail senders, or spammers, into court, the company announced on Monday.

Japanese companies go mobile with e-commerce

NTT DoCoMo, Sony and NTT Data aim to prove that mobile e-commerce applications using non-contact IC (integrated circuit) cards and PDAs (personal digital assistants) are secure and efficient, the companies announced on Wednesday.

Japan looks for a way towards IT nation goal

It's been more than six months since Japan declared that it would become the world's most advanced IT nation by 2005. Since then, the "e-Japan" strategy, its plan to achieve this goal, has been the subject of speculation by experts who wonder whether the government can deliver the goods.

Faster Java MPU for 3G phones developed by Omron

Omron Corp., a Japanese electronic components maker, has developed a microprocessor for cell phones that can directly process Java software ten times faster than conventional products, the company said Tuesday.

OSDL to open first Asian Linux lab

Open Source Development Lab (OSDL), a nonprofit organization that provides facilities for testing and development of high-performance Linux applications, has announced plans to open its first Asian lab in Tokyo. The new lab, its second, is expected to be established in the fourth quarter this year.

Economist Intelligence Unit ranks e-commerce by nation

In order to become the world's best electronic-business player, a country needs to have a various mix of factors -- not only economic wealth, but a good business infrastructure and, especially, cooperative government policies. The need to have such factors in place was underscored in new "E-readiness" rankings from the Economist Intelligence Unit Ltd. (EIU) and its communications unit, Pyramid Research Inc.

Jupiter: Poor customer service hurting B-to-B

Business-to-business Web sites are not using Internet technology to its best advantage, and run the risk of alienating potential buyers, according to a new survey by Jupiter Media Metrix Inc.

E-mail system tackles language barriers

Gordano Ltd.'s GLWebMail, an e-mail system designed to let users securely send and receive messages via any standard Web browser from any location, now offers a client interface that is available in 11 different languages, apart from the default American-English, the company announced Tuesday.