Stories by Tam Harbert

Making the move to government IT

As wave after wave of corporate layoffs remake the American business landscape, IT managers find themselves wondering if they should consider a personal bailout strategy of their own -- government IT job.

The trouble with telecommuting

Telecommuting is back on workers' radars in a big way these days, thanks to gas prices that were a whopping 30 percent higher this summer than last.

The darker side of Webmail

Web-based e-mail is booming. Services such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail are convenient, accessible and, best of all, free. Many of us have come to rely on them without giving it a second thought.

Confessions of a Cobol programmer

Last year, Michael Vu, a 40-year-old independent IT consultant, found himself in a wholly unexpected place midway through his career.

Dark secrets, ugly truths: When ethics and IT collide

It still weighs heavily on Bryan's mind, what he found on that executive's computer, especially when he thinks of his own daughters. He's particularly troubled that the man he discovered using a company computer to view pornography of Asian women and of children was subsequently promoted and moved to China to run a manufacturing plant.

RSA ups the token ante

With the rise in identity theft and online security breaches, RSA Security seems poised to take off. But how far it goes depends on how well the company is able to expand its authentication technology to new markets and devices.