Stories by David Gee

The CIO coach

I’ve had an amazing career over 19 years as a chief information officer across Australia, Japan, USA, China and the Asia Pacific. This has included roles in the insurance, banking and pharmaceuticals sectors, and during this time I’ve met thousands of CIOs at the global, regional and country level.

The ‘always on’ CIO

Today’s CIO is expected to have the email disease and be 24/7 in ‘on’ mode. It is a behavior that is easy to spot in the office and on the move. We all see people on the street and in the workplace that are constantly tapping on their smart devices.

What CIOs need to understand about the mesh economy

The mesh or sharing economy is a term coined to reflect an economic model in which individuals are able to use assets owned by someone else; an easy example is Uber and similar ride-sharing apps that many people are familiar with.

Why CIOs should spend a day on the helpdesk

Ever had an experience that was less then you expected and then the customer contact team left you seething? Perhaps it is time for the CIO to return and spend a day on the helpdesk.

IT career management: Should I update my CV?

As the end of the year approaches and we hopefully receive some much needed breathing space, it’s natural to reflect on one’s career and whether it’s time for a change.

Your data lake: ‘Build it and they will come’

Most IT leaders recognise that there are current gaps in their information and data platforms. There are significant portions of the enterprise data model that has not been captured or indeed has been caught too many times and there is duplication.

The path to CIO

If you have ever taken the time to interrogate a few CIOs, it becomes clear even from a small sample that there is no single career path into the role.

Cuscal invests in fintech startup

Cuscal has made a strategic investment in Moroku, a Sydney-based developer of mobile banking and payments software that has made a name for itself using gamification.

Outcomes from the National Fintech Cybersecurity Summit

Last week an assembly of Australia’s who’s who of cyber security came together for a roundtable in Sydney. The event was organised by CSIRO’s Data61 and Stone & Chalk with partners KPMG and the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce (AICC).

Our future cyber security industry

The current dialogue between industry, academia and startups on cyber security is unparalleled. Today before an audience in Sydney that exceeded 200 people, the National Cyber Fintech Security Summit was launched.

How to pitch your startup to a VC

So you have a startup and your excitement is hard to contain.You have a novel concept and are in the process of building it out.To get to this juncture you have used your own funds plus monies from friends and family.