Stories by Jared Heng

Sun exec: IT security should follow business needs

Proscriptive adoption of information security standards like ISO27001 is bound to fail, according to Joel Weise, principal engineer and chief technologist, Sun client services security program office, Sun Microsystems.

Study: Unified communications to dominate by 2018

As organizations deal with increasing challenges and uncertainty, raising communication efficiency has become more crucial than ever. While the concept of unified communications (UC) has been around for some time, it continues to present enterprises with new opportunities for productivity improvement.

Piracy fails to dampen online content services market

Despite the continued threat of software piracy, APEJ (Asia-Pacific excluding Japan) revenues for paid online content services rose 25.6 percent year-on-year to US$3.86 billion in 2007, according to research firm, Frost and Sullivan (Frost).

IDC: 45 GB of digital info for every person on earth

Global digital information (the digital universe) amounted to 281 billion gigabytes (GB) (281 exabytes) in 2007, or almost 45 GB of digital information for every person on earth, according to EMC-sponsored research by IDC. The figure is 10 percent more than the previous estimate, and is expected to hit 1.8 zettabytes (1,800 exabytes) in 2011.