Stories by Ann Bednarz

IBM acquires OS-migration specialist

IBM Tuesday announced it has acquired the application porting services business of Sector7 USA, a privately held firm that specializes in helping companies migrate their legacy server operating systems to platforms such as Linux.

IBM bolsters pervasive computing efforts

IBM Corp. Tuesday announced product upgrades and partnerships in support of its pervasive computing strategy, an ongoing effort to provide end users with on-the-fly access to any content, from any device, on any network.

Ariba software targets services expenditures

Ariba Inc. this week unveiled software aimed at making it easier for companies to gain control of what they spend on business services, such as IT consulting, facilities management, temporary labor and legal services.

Privacy concerns dog initial RFID plans

Koninklijke Philips Electronics NV made a splash last month when it announced clothing retailer Benetton would outfit its garments and shipping containers with wireless-enabled labels containing microchip transmitters that Philips developed.

Startup tackles real-time business monitoring

Iteration Software Inc. this week unveiled its debut product: reporting software that alerts users within seconds of when a significant business event occurs, such as a rash of US$1 million customer orders or inventory shortfalls.

SAP launches ERP suite

SAP AG Wednesday launched an enterprise resource planning suite that bundles traditional ERP components with integration features to allow customers to extend their systems beyond corporate borders.

IBM unveils self-healing tools

IBM moved closer to achieving its vision of self-healing, self-configuring systems last week with the unveiling of three autonomic computing software modules.

Vendors show what's in store for retail

When US retailer Saks Inc. reported results last fall that beat Wall Street's expectations, executives cited improved profit margins, "due to carefully controlled inventories and reduced levels of clearance merchandise and promotional activity."