Stories by Robert McMillan

IBM, Brazilian government launch Linux effort

Brazil has become the latest country last week to show its support for Linux. Following moves by the U.K. and Russia, the government of Brazil announced Friday that it has signed a letter of intent with IBM Corp. pledging to develop initiatives that will promote the use of Linux in the Latin American country.

IBM boosts mainframes support, services

As IBM prepares to ship new 24- and 32-processor versions of its zSeries 990 mainframe computers later this month, the company is ramping up its zSeries technical support operation and, on Tuesday, will begin offering customers a US$250,000 credit to encourage them to purchase big iron systems.

Microsoft report prompts Forrester policy change

Forrester Research has changed its policy toward vendor-sponsored research following last month's publication of a controversial Microsoft -funded study that compared the cost of developing applications on Linux and Java to a Microsoft-based approach.

SGI compares Linux, Unix source code

An open letter to the Linux community published last week by Silicon Graphics indicates that SGI has conducted a comprehensive comparison of the Linux kernel and the Unix System V source code owned by The SCO Group Inc.

SnapGear claims to ship first Linux 2.6 product

In a sign that the Linux 2.6 kernel is nearing its final release date, embedded Linux vendor SnapGear said on Monday that it had become the first vendor to include Linux 2.6 in a commercial product.

Samba 3.0 to be released

Developers working on the open-source Samba project are expected to unveil in days the first major release of their Unix and Linux file server software in two years.

HP to indemnify Linux customers

Customers who buy Linux from Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) can worry a little less about The SCO Group Inc.'s threats of lawsuits.

BEA says deployments on HP up 31 percent

The tighter relationship between computer maker Hewlett-Packard Co. and software vendor BEA Systems Inc. is beginning to show results. Executives from BEA revealed this week that the share of new BEA software deployed on hardware sold by HP has jumped by 31 percentage points in the last year.

Sun to demonstrate proximity technology

Researchers at Sun Microsystems have created a new way for computer components to communicate with each other that could ultimately spell the end of the integrated circuit board.

JBoss joins JCP, but without J2EE certification

In a warming of relations between the two companies, open source software vendor JBoss Group LLC has signed up as a member of the Java Community Process (JCP), the group that defines Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Java standards.

Sun makes crucial step toward open source J2EE

Sun Microsystems Inc. has moved one step closer to certifying an open-source application server as J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) compatible, a company official revealed on Friday.

Dell comments help delay modular computing initiative

Comments made by Michael Dell at last week's OracleWorld conference in San Francisco have helped derail plans to launch an industry-wide initiative aimed at standardizing server components, according to industry sources.