Stories by Robert McMillan

Sun targets AIX with new campaign

Looking to capitalize on IBM's legal dispute with The SCO Group, Sun Microsystems is readying a new AIX-to-Solaris migration program that will kick off on Wednesday.

IBM keeps low profile at JavaOne

Though Sun Microsystems' JavaOne developer conference is billed as an event for the entire Java community, the show this week in San Francisco is happening with a greatly diminished presence from one of Java's strongest supporters: IBM.

Sun, Zend push scripting for Java

Sun Microsystems Inc. is working with a number of industry partners including Oracle Corp., Macromedia Inc. and Zend Technologies Ltd. to support the use of scripting languages in its Java platform.

Java to ship on Dell, HP PCs

Sun Microsystems Inc. on Wednesday announced agreements with Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) and Dell Computer Corp. to distribute Sun’s Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on desktop personal computers sold by the two companies.

Dell, EMC extend SAN alliance

Dell Computer Corp. on Tuesday will announce that EMC Corp. will remain its exclusive supplier of storage area network (SAN) hardware until at least 2008. the JCP alternative?

When Jason Hunter joined Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Chief Executive Officer Scott McNealy onstage at last year's JavaOne conference in San Francisco, it appeared that Java and the open source community were on the verge of a new era of cooperation.

Sun to open source Java gaming software

At its JavaOne developer conference next week, Sun Microsystems will unveil plans to release new graphics and networking software to the open source community.

HP to unveil new low-end NAS array

Hewlett-Packard on Tuesday will begin shipping a new Network Attached Storage (NAS) server that will cost US$5,000 less than the least expensive Windows Powered NAS array in its current product line.

Emerging iSCSI viability depends on startups

An emerging storage protocol, supported by industry heavyweights like IBM Corp, Cisco Systems Inc., and EMC Corp., promises to make SANs (storage area networks) available to small and medium-size businesses, and, in the process create a market that is forecast to be worth US$5 billion over the next four years.

IBM announces eServer pSeries 615 server

IBM on Wednesday will boost the speed and reliability of its Unix server system line with the introduction of the eServer pSeries 615, also known as the p615.

HP extends VMWare support

Hewlett-Packard will announce plans Wednesday to fully support the Windows, Netware and Linux operating systems running on top of VMWare's virtual machine software as part of an extension of its partnership with the maker of virtual machine software for Intel systems.