Stories by Stuart Corner

CSC completes UXC acquisition

New York Stock Exchange listed CSC has completed its $428 million acquisition of ASX listed IT services provider UXC, announced in October 2015.

Global Cloud Xchange launches Cloud X SDN in Australia

Global Cloud Xchange, a subsidiary of India’s Reliance Communications, has ramped up competition in wide area software defined networking services in Australia and New Zealand with the launch of its Cloud X service, to be delivered from new PoPs in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Auckland.

Treat data like capital: Accumulate it, and invest it

Data is a capital asset, as essential to the growth of a digital business as financial capital, according to a senior Oracle executive. And, by recognising this, he argues that established players can better counter outside-the-box disruptors such as Uber.

Aussie company Higgns formed to take care of IoT

Australian software developer Two Bulls is spinning out a new company, Higgns, to exploit its software of the same name, which uses the AllJoyn open software framework for Internet of Things devices.

Australia a ‘soft target’ for cyber criminals

According to a Deloitte security expert, Australia has seen a surge in the number of ransomware cyber attacks in recent months because Australian businesses are relatively soft targets compared to their counterparts in Europe and the USA.

Corner's column: Information policy deja vu

At the end of November the government announced the latest move in its strategy to develop Australia's information and communication industries, the membership of the Australian Information Economy Advisory Council (AIEAC). The 24-member council comprises leading figures from government, academia, and industry and replaces a number of other similar advisory boards.

Corner's column: the cost of local monopoly

A report on the New Zealand telecommunications market released in early November by second carrier Clear Communications precipitated a storm of publicity. The report claimed that Telecom NZ's monopoly over the local loop was costing New Zealand users $NZ382 million per year through monopoly pricing.

Corner's Column: Get ready for LMDS

LMDS is another four-letter acronym about which you will start hearing much more in coming months. It stands for local multipoint distribution services. These promise to deliver high-speed Internet access, multimedia, video, and so on into your home using radio technologies at prices which, some say, will compete with today's telephony.