Stories by Gregg Keizer

Warner chief calls Jobs' DRM fight 'without logic'

Warner Music CEO Edgar Bronfman Thursday rejected in no uncertain terms Apple CEO Steve Jobs' suggestion last week that the major music label companies should abandon digital tunes copy protection.

Mozilla updates Firefox 3.0 preview

Mozilla Tuesday released the second alpha version of what will become its Firefox 3.0 Web browser. The release is the latest milestone in a plan to put the open-source browser in users' hands during the second half of the year.

Trend Micro patches antivirus scanner

The antivirus scanning engine used in virtually every Trend Micro product is plagued by a critical flaw that can be used by attackers to take down or hijack PCs, several security organizations said today. A patch has been issued by Trend Micro to plug the hole.

PC Repair Undercover

Over half the repairs in our investigation were botched or overpriced. Here's how to protect yourself when your computer goes to the shop.

Travel Web Sites: Just the Ticket

The plane was going down. I was sure of it. As the 737 made its approach to storm-lashed San Francisco, a brutal gust of wind lifted one wing and yanked down the other. Luggage lurched in the overhead compartment while passengers gripped their handrests. Even the off-duty airline pilot next to me grew wild-eyed. And all I could think was, What moron booked this flight?

Hammer Time!

Excess inventory, limited local markets, modest advertising budgets... Small businesses face a tough challenge in any market--and in today's go-go economy, the competition is even rougher. Luckily, help awaits just around the corner, in the form of online auctions. Sure, hobbyists and junk addicts love them, but online auctions can also open doors for businesses of many sizes.

Hold Your Meetings Over the Web, for Free

Meetings are the ties that bind business. Without meetings--no matter what Dilbert says--commerce grinds to a halt. Today, widely dispersed participants can meet without spending a fortune getting together. Placeware Inc.'s, a no-cost e-meeting service, lets you host meetings of up to five people on the Web, using nothing more complicated than a Java-enabled browser.

Running Free

"I can't believe they're giving this away for free," says John Ettema, owner of Inside-Out Home and Garden, a store in Campbell, California. He's talking about ECongo Inc., a free e-commerce hosting service that he used to add online sales to the business he does at his brick-and-mortar shop. "If you had told me a year ago when I opened my store that I'd be on the Web by now, I would have said you were crazy," Ettema continues.