Stories by Lee Copeland

Up Against The Big Guys

Sendmail Inc. competes in two markets: corporate and Internet service provider. It faces stiff competition in both. Sendmail CEO Greg Olson estimates that one quarter of the company's business is with service providers, while sales to corporate customers make up the rest.

Big 3 Exchange May Not Be Sole Purchase Network

A battle between Ford and General Motors late last month to dominate online purchasing in the auto industry morphed into a collaboration among the Big Three automakers, which joined forces to form a business-to-business Web-based trade exchange.

Open-Source E-Mail Goes Commercial

Geoff Butterfield says he knew exactly what to expect from Sendmail Inc.'s Simple Mail Transfer Protocol gateway and e-mail package - hands-off, user-friendly efficiency - and he says he got it.

To Buy or Not to Buy: Points to Consider

Evaluating an IT purchase is a type of due diligence referred to as risk management. The big accounting firms and IT consultancies such as Compass America Inc. in Reston, Va., and Quantitative Software Management Inc. in McLean, Va., tackle technology risk management.

Big Three Automakers Join Forces Online

In an unprecedented move, the world's three largest automakers - General Motors Corp., Ford Motor Co. and Daimler-Chrysler AG - last week unveiled plans to join forces on a common Internet automotive trade exchange.

Ford Starts Firm to Manage Its Web Sites

In a deal dubbed a double-edged sword by one analyst, Ford Motor Co. last week launched a joint venture with Trilogy Software Inc. to create a separate firm to handle the automaker's Web-related business-to-business services.

GM to Share IT Applications with Japanese Firms

As part of an overall drive to streamline its information technology efforts, General Motors Corp. plans to share computer-based car development, design and engineering systems with the three Japanese automakers in which it holds equity investments, officials said.

Automakers Race After Alleged Cybersquatters

Ford Motor Co. recently filed suit and won a temporary injunction against an alleged cybersquatter who Ford claims attempted to infringe upon its trademarks, in one of several Internet domain name disputes involving automakers.

Developers Get a Peek at Visual Studio 7.0

Microsoft Corp. laid out its long-awaited plans for a Web-friendly Visual Studio 7.0 this week and found a receptive audience among the developers at the Visual Basic Insiders Technical Summit here.

Cyberbashers Proliferate

Visit the Web address, and it will forward you to the presidential candidate's official Web site. George W. Bush is apparently savvy enough to sidestep that online embarrassment, but many corporations are still exposed to cyberbashing, if not cybersquatting.

Tools Part of Enterprise Play

With its launch of Windows 2000, Microsoft Corp. this week unveiled its plans to better support Web development on that server platform in its Visual Studio 7.0 tool set.

VB Users Laud Visual Studio Revamp

Microsoft Corp.'s bid to revamp its Visual Studio tool set to allow developers to create enterprise-ready Web applications met with rave reviews at the Visual Basic Insider's Technical Summit in San Francisco.