Stories by Carol Sliwa

Internet World: E-commerce takes centre stage

New software and tools that can assist companies in setting up e-commerce sites and marketplaces and the internal systems needed to support them will be in the spotlight at this week's Fall Internet World '99 show in New York.

Users losing faith in Netscape browser

Uncertainty over the future development of Netscape Communications's Navigator browser is causing concern among corporate users -- and prompting some to switch to Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Web sites battle slow download times

Zona Research last week claimed that an estimated $US4.35 billion per year in electronic-commerce sales may be at risk because of unacceptable Web-page download times.

XML poses no big threat to EDI

Vendors are pushing the Extensible Markup Language (XML) as a more flexible format for exchanging business data among trading partners. But many large user companies aren't ready to scrap their big investments in traditional electronic data interchange (EDI) systems for XML.