Stories by Carol Sliwa

IBM, Rational reach common ground at the one-year mark

Integration efforts remained a work in progress as IBM marked the one-year anniversary of its acquisition of Rational Software in Lexington, Massachusetts, in mid December. But the company showed signs that it's making headway.

Windows Server 2003: Raising shields

There are good reasons why expectations have run higher for Windows Server 2003 from a security standpoint than for any prior edition that Microsoft has released.

Users proceed cautiously on Web services track

IBM, Microsoft. and other vendors that have been pounding the Web services drum for more than two years claim that more and more of their customers are building Web services. And to a degree, they're right.

Corporate users follow Mono project

Plenty of corporate developers watched with great interest when Novell unveiled a road map for the open-source Mono project that it acquired with Ximian.

Web services: Users say they're proceeding cautiously

IBM, Microsoft and other vendors that have been pounding the Web services drum for more than two years claim that more and more of their customers are building Web services. But the spotty levels of commitment by corporate users was plainly evident based on comments by 15 IT professionals at Gartner's Application Integration and Web Services Summit in the US this week.

Developer interest piqued by Microsoft technologies

Microsoft Corp. certainly whetted the appetite of those attending its Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles this week when it demonstrated how upcoming technologies code named Avalon, Indigo and WinFS can be used.

IBM, Microsoft show Web services technologies

IBM Corp. and Microsoft Corp. staged a demonstration last week to show how the advanced Web services specifications that they have developed will make it easier for companies with disparate systems to securely and reliably engage in electronic business transactions.

Ford explores switch to Linux-based servers

Ford Motor Co. in the US is poised to join the ranks of large corporations that are exploring the use of Linux to replace some of their Unix-based servers, company officials confirmed last week.

RFID tunes into supply chains

Everyone in the retail industry stopped and took notice when Wal-Mart Stores declared in June that it will urge its top 100 suppliers to deliver pallets and cases equipped with radio frequency identification (RFID) tags by 2005. Any directive issued by the world's largest retailer has the potential to drive sweeping adoption, and this particular one could spell major changes for supply chain management.

MS's Rudder outlines Longhorn server plans

Eric Rudder, senior vice president of servers and tools at Microsoft, spoke with Computerworld recently about the direction for Longhorn, the code name for the next version of the Windows operating system.

Microsoft lays out tools road map

Microsoft this week at the VS Live conference in New York detailed productivity, scalability and performance enhancements that are planned for the next two versions of its Visual Studio .Net development tools.

Ballmer takes on Linux

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer took on Linux in a big way this week during the company's annual meeting with the financial analyst community, saying that "too much abuse has gone on for too long."