Stories by Siobhan McBride

Future of Storage

Storage has come along way in just a few short years with the advent of virtualization, information lifecycle management and consolidation. Companies of any size can access a vast array of strategies, tools and solutions. But what's next? Siobhan McBride looks at where storage can go from here

ATO readies for etax deluge

As the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) readies for its end of financial year deluge, it's paying more attention to those individuals who submit their tax return online - all 1.1 million of them.

When 'no' is the right answer

IT professionals need to stand up to business managers by challenging requests for technology that don't fit with the corporate plan.

Skill up for storage bonanza

As demand for storage grows so too does the need for more skilled specialists. But it takes more than hands-on experience to become a storage guru, it takes the right training.

Wireless skills in hot demand

As wireless networks become increasingly popular, skills to implement and manage them speed to the top of the must-have list, but courses to learn the ins and outs are less visible. Siobhan McBride reports

Death of the fax machine

Once upon a time, the fax machine was a staple piece of technology in offices around Australia.

Small uni team tackles big storage demands

Andrew Crow, chief information officer of University of Notre Dame in Western Australia, says readying his team for a major storage implementation was a big consideration.

End user satisfaction is a fickle affair

The perceived success of an IT department isn't just about financial performance and back-office efficiency, final judgement often relys on end-user satisfaction.