Stories by Siobhan McBride

Dating data

Information lifecycle management is about getting intimate with corporate data and giving it a value from start to finish. Siobhan McBride looks at how organizations are coming to grips with the strategy

Cures for unhealthy outsourcing maladies

Demand for outsourcing services continues to rise, but so do the problems. It all begins when outsourcing providers send in the A Team to ink the deal, and when the transition is complete customers are often left with the F Troop.

Projects grow in size and scope

As IT projects get bigger in size and scope and average budgets surpassing the $1 million mark companies are adopting more elements of project management.

A Bookish approach to process

While it may be delivering on its promise of better customer service and cost controls, the latest acronym in the industry, ITIL for the Information Technology Infrastructure Library is all about processes and the key to making it work, according to Siobhan McBride, is training

CRM confusion confronts SMEs

Customer relationship management is still misunderstood in typical small-to-medium sized business in Australia with many organizations still struggling to use it effectively.

Business agendas hinder user-centred design

Business agendas often override the IT manager's ability to favour user preferences when designing a new project, according to Karl Davies, professional services director of interactive agency Different.

IT too difficult to measure

Organizations are finding IT too difficult to measure, with only a minority of enterprises having formal mechanisms to measure the benefits of IT, according to a recent survey.