Stories by Liam Tung

Win8 SmartScreen nudges software sellers to buy code signing certs

Microsoft’s SmartScreen ‘reputation checker’ is expanding from the Internet Explorer browser to the entire Windows 8 desktop, nudging developers to buy Extended Validation (EV) code signing certificates to reduce their chances of causing a security alert.

WikiLeaks wins credit card bout

A District Court order in Iceland’s capital Reykjavík has ordered local payments provider Valitor to open services to WikiLeaks again or face a hefty US$6,000 a day penalty.

Flame a glimpse into the Bermuda triangle of malware

The bloated, modular Flame malware may or may not be the biggest threat since Stuxnet, but its tardy discovery highlights the limits of antivirus in a world where governments are investing heavily in offensive cyber capabilities.

Official Australian e-health info page defaced

An apparent trio of ‘hackers’ operating under the LatinHackTeam banner has claimed the Australian Government’s Department of Health and Ageing eHealth education site as its 13,789th ‘defacement‘ victim.

Google raises flaw bounty to $20k under new rules

Google has raised its top payout to researchers who find serious flaws by a factor of six from $3,133.77 to $20,000, but to qualify for the highest payout researchers must find critical vulnerabilities affecting its production systems.