Stories by Sandra Rossi

Security still a technical issue

Information security is still regarded as a technical issue left to the IT department with up to 40 per cent of organisations not even bothering to investigate breaches, according to an Ernst & Young survey.

Feds test procurement plans

The federal government is market testing its procurement framework including IT outsourcing as part of a review to be handed to Cabinet in the next few months.

Shotgun spending blows billions

Australian corporates are at the centre of an IT security spending frenzy but millions are being wasted on inappropriate products and lack of implementation expertise.

War stories

Tales from the IT security frontline. This is a new monthly Computerworld series featuring real-life war stories told by Australian IT security managers. The authors and companies involved remain anonymous. Sandra Rossi surveys the field.

The good, the bad, the ugly

Forget sleeping pills just switch over to Free Radio Linux for a snooze. For the past month -- and for the next 500 days or so -- Free Radio Linux will transmit a computerised reading of the Linux operating system.

Disappearing e-mails a legal threat

E-mail's most vexing question: how do you know it's missing if it never arrives - may be annoying for users. However, it could be a serious legal problem for IT managers who could fall foul of federal archiving laws.
Under Australia's Archives Act of 1983, e-mail should be treated in the same way as paper records and for public sector agencies deleting e-mails is illegal.

Symantec adds security manager

IT and security administers can automate planning, supervision and monitoring of security policies from a single location with the release of Symantec Enterprise Security Manager (ESM 5.5) in Australia, according to John Donovan, managing director for Australia and New Zealand.

The good, the bad, the ugly

Speaking at the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT 2002) in Adelaide recently, Howard Schmidt, vice chairman of the US President's Critical Infrastructure Board, noted: "This generation of IT professionals had to build the aeroplane while flying it; the next generation will be building supersonic jets."

Kleze.e worm spreading

The Klez.e worm is spreading with more than 50 reported cases of infections in Australia, according to Computer Associates virus research manager Jakub Kaminski.

Computer forensics sheds fictional image

An increasing number of Australian executives are relying on their IT shops to gain computer forensics skills to keep investigations into employee misdeeds and security breaches in-house.

WCIT 2002: Make IT fit enterprise needs, says Elix

Warning that technology has become too complex to manage and integrate, IBM Global Services VP Doug Elix today called on industry to stop focusing on unleashing the power of IT and look at "unleashing the enterprise".