Stories by Sandra Rossi

Sydney scores IT finance forum

More than 3500 finance and IT executives will arrive on Sydney's shores in 2006 to participate in a financial services convention expected to inject more than $41 million into the state's economy.

Qld universities found supercomputing group

A consortium of six Queensland universities has implemented a new generation of supercomputer technology capable of simulating virtual environments and solving complex scientific problems.

CFOs surge to superhero status

In today's economic climate the CFO is king, emerging as a critical driver of enterprise change particularly in the technology stakes.

The good, the bad, the ugly

Like astronomers, antivirus researchers get the chance to name a virus if they discover it. But the naming process is a serious matter with plenty of factors to consider, according to Computer Associates antivirus research manager Jakub Kaminski.

Baltimore MD resigns

Baltimore Technologies MD for the Asia Pacific region John Palfreyman has resigned after eight years in the top job.

NSW weakest link in Congress roll-up

NSW IT professionals appear to have snubbed the forthcoming IT World Congress to be held in Adelaide this month, accounting for a little more than 100 of the 700 Australian delegates registered for the event.

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

It was refreshing last week to see Nortel CEO Frank Dunn step outside the cold world of business where all that matters is the bottom line and formally apologise to employees for the tumult of 2001 when the company cut by half its staff of 94,500.

Gateway bloodbath continues

The bloodbath continues for computer giant Gateway which closed its operations in Australia last September.

Storage vendors face tough market in 2002

A survey of Australian companies has found up to 80 per cent have no intention of purchasing storage products this year paving the way for tough market conditions for vendors in 2002.

Four pitch for Excellence

Tenders have closed for a $130 million Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Centre of Excellence with the winner to be announced in May.