Stories by Sandra Rossi

IT 'national guard' to fight cyberterrorism

As part of a national security review in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks the Australian Government is considering the introduction of the IT equivalent of a national coast guard.

Addressing defective data

Australian business is struggling with billing problems because of defective data and poor information management, according to QAS managing director Jonathan Hulford-Funnell.

Telstra sale if Government wins election

Federal communications Minister Senator Richard Alston said a re-elected Coalition Government would proceed with the full privatisation of Telstra "as soon as possible".

Telstra to host online security services

Telstra has moved into the online security space announcing today it will be offering Gatekeeper accredited digital certificates and hosting services by the end of the year.

The Good, Bad Ugly

Job cuts in the IT industry continue unabated with Sun Microsystems the latest casualty of the continuing economic downturn. Sun joins a long list of IT companies slashing staff both here and overseas.

Adelaide readies to lead 3G development

More than $30 million will be spent in the next three years building Australia's first independent third-generation wireless telecommunications network in Adelaide.

Labor to broaden ACCC powers

Australia's consumer watchdog will have a far broader range of powers under a Labor Government, including new protection measures for Internet and mobile phone users.

Tax Office pays (and pays) for IT

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is paying up to five times the market price for IT services and products under its five-year outsourcing deal with EDS, Federal Parliament heard last week.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Since GBU made its debut last week I can confidently say CW readers are not shy when it comes to sending "confidential e-mails".

Symantec warns Web surfers

Symantec has warned users to have a complete security solution at the gateway to avoid widespread malicious assaults such as Code Red and Nimda.

DIY security beats outsourcing

An audit of Internet security within Federal Government agencies has found risk managed by IT staff in-house has proven more effective than those handled by external service providers.