Stories by Tom Mainelli

IBM, Stanford craft next-generation chips

IBM and Stanford University have announced a new research group dedicated to the emerging science of spintronics, with the goal of creating prototype CPUs that complete computations through magnetism instead of today's electrical charge.

Intel smashes transistor limitations

Intel Corp. is trumpeting a technology breakthrough it says will lead to billion-transistor processors by 2007, resulting in computing power well beyond what's capable today.

Symantec embraces product activation

Software giant Symantec Corp. is adding product activation technology to all of its upcoming consumer products, starting with Norton Antivirus 2004. Customers who fail to activate the software by contacting Symantec within 15 days of installing it will be left with a nonfunctioning application.

HP ships first AMD Business PC

Advanced Micro Devices is moving into the big time, supplying Athlon XP processors to power the Hewlett-Packard Compaq D315 Business PC being released in the US this week.

EBay-PayPal nuptial could improve services

EBay's announcement that it will buy online payment company PayPal Inc. for US$1.5 billion in stock should lead to a better overall experience for people who already use both services, according to an industry expert.

Newsgroups get a new life

Seeking refuge from commercialism on the Web, more people are turning back the technological clock to rediscover the Internet's once-vibrant spirit of community.

Hotmail policy raises privacy concerns

Hotmail users can now get a better look at their personal account settings -- but some of the service's estimated 110 million active users may not like what they find.

If eBay swallows PayPal, customers may suffer

If, as expected, online auction giant eBay eventually buys the online payment service PayPal, that could spell trouble for consumers who use the popular payment site, says a prominent analyst.

AMD readies Opteron to challenge Intel's Itanium

Opteron: It sounds like one of Godzilla's mechanical foes, but it's actually Adavanced Micro Devices Inc.'s name for its next-generation 64-bit processor, formerly code-named SledgeHammer. And instead of challenging the big lizard, Opteron is gunning for another giant: Intel Corp.'s Itanium processor.

Intel looks to excite tech consumers

Consumers can expect many cool new technologies to emerge in the coming year as Intel and other industry leaders look to innovate their way out of the current PC slump, according to the company's lead executive.

E-posses patrol for auction fraud

Carter Daniels once got scammed in an online auction to the tune of US$240. Now he's working to help others avoid the same fate--a task he says is necessary because Yahoo Auctions isn't doing enough.

Symantec raises subscription rates

The cost of keeping viruses at bay just went up for all worldwide users of Symantec's popular Norton AntiVirus program. The company recently increased the price of its necessary subscription renewal program from US$3.95 to $9.95 a year, drawing the ire of some our vocal readers.

COMDEX: Intel launches low-power server chip

Intel Corp. is continuing its product assault on chipmaker Transmeta Corp. with the announcement of a low-power processor and chip set combination targeted at ultra-dense servers--where the struggling Transmeta has made inroads.

USB 2.0 trudges toward adoption

To hear USB 2.0 supporters tell it, this year's Comdex was when the oft-delayed standard would finally make it to the big time.