Stories by Jeremy Kirk

Microsoft shuts down Chinese blogger's site

Microsoft has blocked the site of a Chinese blogger critical of the government, raising sharp questions from its own employees over how far the company should go in abiding by restrictive laws used to curtail free speech and press in the communist country.

Nortel acquires Tasman Networks

Nortel Networks Corp. announced Tuesday it will acquire Tasman Networks Inc., a provider of enterprise-level routers, for US$99.5 million.

Next Explorer version will support int'l domains

The second beta release of Internet Explorer (IE) 7 will have support for URLs (uniform resource locators) written in different languages, widely seen as critical for making the Internet more international, according to a Microsoft developer.

NHS support focuses on servers, Novell says

Novell said Tuesday its work with the U.K. National Health Service (NHS) will focus on how open-source software can lower the cost of the organization's massive program to revamp its IT systems.

Patch causes glitches with beta version of IE browser

Microsoft is receiving scattered reports that one of the security patches issued last week for Internet Explorer (IE) is causing problems for users testing a new beta version of the browser alongside the existing version, according to a company blogger.

Novell starts work on NHS contract

Open-source software vendor Novell has started work with the U.K. National Health Service (NHS) on a £21.8 million (US$38.6 million), three-year contract to improve its IT systems, a spokeswoman for the health agency said Friday.

Secret code lurks in Sober variant

Security vendors have discovered a variant of the Sober worm which they say is programmed to download an unknown piece of code from various Internet addresses early next month, launching a potential barrage of traffic on the Internet.

Gartner: CIOs should prepare for 'second' Internet

During the next year, chief information officers (CIO) should pay acute attention to how technologies such as blogging and podcasting will affect their businesses and be ready for innovation with those technologies by their competitors, Gartner analysts said Thursday.

Microsoft: Research, IP are compatible

As Microsoft plans to increase its investment in research partnerships in Europe, the research produced is compatible with intellectual property claims and the aims of a commercial company, said a senior company official.

Layoffs pending after Macromedia deal

Adobe Systems said Monday it will reduce part of its workforce in light of its acquisition of Macromedia, saying other employees may be offered relocation packages.