Stories by Agam Shah

Asia Online Acquires Indian Web Developer

BOSTON (08/17/2000) - Asia Online Ltd., a Hong Kong-based Internet services
company Wednesday announced the acquisition of a majority stake in India Domain
Web Services Pvt. Ltd., a Hyderabad, India-based Web development services
specialist. Asia Online hopes the acquisition will help further expand its
presence in Asia-Pacific.

Xircom Launches ADSL USB Modem

BOSTON (08/17/2000) - Xircom Inc., a U.S.-based maker of networking products,
on Wednesday responded to the growing popularity of DSL (Digital Subscriber
Line) Internet Access by adding an ADSL (Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line)
modem to its PortStation line of hubs and USB-compatible networking products.
The modem will be both Windows and MacOS compatible.

Panasonic Introduces 'Tough' Notebook

According to Panasonic Consumer Electronic not all
notebook computers are delicate instruments. The company Tuesday launched its
Toughbook 27, touting it as the "world's fastest ruggedized notebook PC."

Dell, Motorola, Sun Up Stakes in Linuxcare

Linuxcare Inc. Wednesday announced the completion of its
third round of funding to the tune of US$30 million. Existing investors,
including Dell Computer Corp., Motorola Inc. and Sun Microsystems Inc., all
increased their share holdings in the Linux services company in the financing

AT&T Offers New Low Price Internet Plan

BOSTON (07/20/2000) - AT&T Corp.'s Worldnet Service on Thursday announced
'i495', its cheapest Internet access plan yet. This plan will offer 150 hours
of monthly Internet access at a fee of US$4.95.

Lycos Asia Launches India Portal

BOSTON (07/19/2000) - Following in the footsteps of Yahoo Inc. and AltaVista
Co., Lycos Asia announced the launch of its India-specific portal in Mumbai on
Wednesday. Lycos Asia is a joint venture between Lycos Inc. and Singapore
Telecommunications Ltd. (SingTel).

Gateway to Offer DSL to Customers

Gateway Inc. Wednesday hitched a ride on the DSL (digital subscriber line) bandwagon by announcing the launch of its SDSL (symmetric DSL) and ADSL (asymmetric DSL) services for small and medium-sized businesses. The services, claims the company, will speed up a customer's Internet experience by offering data throughput at up to 14 times the speed of today's fastest modem.

Liquid Audio Releases New Audio Player

BOSTON (07/18/2000) - Liquid Audio Inc. Tuesday unveiled its latest audio
playing software, Liquid Audio 5, for the Windows and Macintosh operating

Digital Island to Acquire SoftAware Networks

Electronic business services company Digital Island Inc. has announced its intention to acquire Net distributed hosting services provider SoftAware Networks Inc. in a transaction currently valued at $US450 million. Should the deal go through, it will provide Digital Island with both additional customers and help the company move further into the media and entertainment markets.

Yahoo Launches India Portal

BOSTON (06/29/2000) - Internet giant Yahoo Inc. Thursday bolstered its presence
in Asia by announcing the launch of its India portal, Yahoo India.

Extra Functionality on the Way for R/3,

SAP AG's R/3 and software will boast
additional functionality thanks to a slew of new product announcements from IT
vendors and ASPs (application service providers) at this week's Sapphire show
in Las Vegas.