Stories by Jon Gold

Dell announces big storage for Big Data

Dell's announcement of a new Big Data Storage Data Retention product highlights anew the company's ongoing transition from consumer hardware manufacturer to business service provider.

Oracle's wooing of CentOS users called FUD

Oracle's recent launch of a campaign to convert users of CentOS -- a free version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux that uses community support, rather than an paid option -- is being met with skepticism by some members of the business Linux community.

Android Jelly Bean SDK released to public

Google's Android development team announced Wednesday evening that the full software development kit for Android 4.1 (a.k.a. Jelly Bean) is now available to the general public, and provided some tips and tricks for working with the new software, to boot.

Skobbler to offer free OpenStreetMap API access

Skobbler, a mapping startup based in Germany and Romania, recently announced that it had rolled out a new web-based map based on the crowd-sourced OpenStreetMap project, featuring HTML5 positioning and other new features.

Raspberry Pi flies off shelves as mass orders roll in

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced that its credit card-sized flagship device has become generally available, and that strict order caps -- which had limited the small computer's usage -- have been lifted.

Gigamon set to go public

Network visibility vendor Gigamon filed documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday indicating that the company plans an initial public offering worth as much as $100 million, though that figure could change before the IPO is made official.