Stories by Julia King

Can Web 2.0 Save BI?

Chief Jon Greiner recently expanded his staff of crime analysts from one to 11 without hiring a single new officer at the Ogden Police Department in Utah.

Girl power! US summer camp grooms tomorrow's techies

It's 10 o'clock on a sunny April morning in Balboa Park. In a spacious Girl Scout cabin tucked away amid lush green palm trees, 20 girls ranging in age from 11 to 14, most wearing jeans and pigtails, are gearing up for today's camp activities. But there are no sit-upons or s'mores, potholders or paper crafts -- just 21 laptops, two color printers, 10 digital cameras, two scanners and a palpable abundance of preadolescent energy and creative enthusiasm.

Five BI potholes to bypass

Business intelligence might be a maturing technology, but it's far from hassle-free. Tedious technology issues, including the need for comprehensive data cleansing and integrating incompatible computer systems, are still a big part of nearly all BI projects.

Vint Cerf on the Internet, mobility and happiness

Vint Cerf is the co-designer with Robert Kahn of the TCP/IP protocols and the basic architecture of the Internet. In 2005, he and Kahn received the highest civilian honor bestowed in the U.S., the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Remote worker's survıval guıde

Gary Laroy, a U.S.-based client delivery executive at Electronic Data Systems, hasn't worked in the same state as his boss for many years. In fact, at any given time, he may have two or three different bosses under EDS's matrixed management structure. He hasn't ever received an official career road map from the company, nor has he ever expected one.

Reimagining the IT department

CIO Steve Olive isn't handing out any gold stars to IT for providing good PC support or networking service at Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems. Consistently reliable and excellent IT service should be a given, he says.

Feature: Changing lanes with strong governance

It took a crisis for Volkswagen of America to learn that strong governance is the only way to keep IT aligned with the car maker's primary goal of selling more cars than the competition.

Speedy recovery

Humana Inc is on a mission to do what many US consumers would consider nothing short of a miracle: simplify buying and using health insurance. Its most recent target audience is the millions of Americans eligible for Medicare Part D, the government's revamped prescription drug plan for senior citizens.

How VW returned to high-performance IT

It took a crisis for Volkswagen of America to learn that strong governance is the only way to keep IT aligned with the automaker's primary goal of selling more cars than the competition.

The Demographic Imperative

After studying the issue for a full year, researchers at The Concours Group came to the alarming but irrefutable conclusion that U.S. companies are on a collision course with their demographic destiny.

Smart companies entice older, wiser IT workers to remain on the job.

Norma Veta, 74, an IT retiree from The Aerospace Corp, spends two days a week helping her son's family and managing several rental properties. The other three days, she returns to Aerospace to work on special IT projects. After 40 years with the R&D and engineering services company, she knows the payroll and benefits systems almost as well as the faces of her three grandchildren.