Stories by Julia King

Wagoner: GM Embraces IT

General Motors Corp. President and soon-to-be CEO Rick Wagoner said he has seen the light about tapping information technology to unleash a river of new revenue from an old-line car manufacturing company.

Six Major Energy Firms Launch Online Market

A consortium of six of the top 10 U.S. energy companies are partnering to launch an Internet-based trading exchange for gas, electricity and other energy-related commodities by year's end.

Staples Integrates Catalogs, Procurement Software today announced that its online contract customers can access their personalized catalogues and pricing at the e-commerce site via several major vendors' electronic procurement systems.

Raytheon's Exchange Takes Wing

Continuing its electronic-business roll, Raytheon this week will launch, an Internet trading exchange for the $5 billion leisure aircraft market.

Supplier Network to Ease Online Exchange Access

Ironside Technologies Inc. in Pleasanton, California, today announced software and services designed to offer suppliers plug-and-play, real-time data integration with multiple online exchanges. The Ironside Network is significant because it gives suppliers a way to quickly enter and exit online marketplaces without creating separate back-end links to each exchange.

New Tools May Make E-Life Easier

Maxager Technology Inc. in San Rafael, Calif., has announced software that enables suppliers to calculate their costs and profit in real time while simultaneously bidding at online exchanges. The software identifies which contracts are potentially the most profitable and flags the lowest price a supplier can bid and still earn a profit on net assets based on real production costs.

Companies Aren't Rushing to E-commerce

For all the hype surrounding e-commerce and digital marketplaces, a new study indicates that corporate industrial giants are lumbering, rather than sprinting, their way to the brave new world of Internet business.

Is IT Ready to Support Ubiquitous E-Commerce?

A teen-ager pulls a packaged dinner from the kitchen freezer, scans it across a countertop Web pad and downloads cooking instructions from the food manufacturer. A computer system at the local supermarket receives an electronic replenishment order for the item and adds the same dinner to the family's weekly order.

P&G, Other Goods Giants to Launch E-market

Kraft Foods Inc., Procter & Gamble Corp., Nabisco Inc. and Pepsi Bottling Group Inc. are among the 50 food and consumer goods giants that plan to develop a multibillion-dollar online exchange open to virtually all companies across the industries' supply chains.

Quit Building Your Own E-Commerce Infrastructure

Companies should immediately quit building their own electronic-commerce applications and instead take up with one or more of the hundreds of business-to-business marketplaces springing up on the Internet.