Stories by Bob Trott

Pushing P-to-P at business

While Napster, Gnutella, and the thorny issue of intellectual property rights have thrust p-to-p (peer-to-peer) computing into the spotlight, the IT enterprise is now looking to tame the computing model for its own purposes.

Microsoft Releases Final Beta of MSN Explorer

With America Online Inc. in its sights as the latest target of its "embrace and extend" strategy, Microsoft Corp. has released the final beta version of MSN Explorer, a services-and-software upgrade to the Microsoft Network (MSN).

Microsoft Readies Exchange 2000

Microsoft put another piece of its enterprise server puzzle in place Thursday when it released Exchange 2000 to manufacturing.

E-Tail Shakeout Continues

The e-tail shake out continued this week with two leading Web wine merchants announcing plans to merge and online home furnishings retailer filing for bankruptcy.

Government Urges Supreme Court Review

The federal government urged the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the Microsoft Corp. antitrust appeal immediately, instead of sending the case to an appellate court.

Microsoft cutting free phone support

Microsoft wants customers to get support for Windows and Office online, and the company is boosting the cost of telephone support in hopes of nudging them in that direction.

UCITA Gets Slight Modification

One of the most contentious pieces of the Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act (UCITA), which would allow vendors to remotely disable software on a user's computer if the user was in breach of the software's licensing terms, has been modified.

Online Auction to Feature Bankrupt Dot-Com Assets

In what apparently is the first such instance, an online-auction company will offer the entire holdings -- from domain names to chairs and desks -- of a bankrupt Internet company up for bid later this month.

Office 10 Beta Released

A technical beta of the next version of Microsoft Corp.'s Office productivity suite has been released to testers, a representative of the Redmond, Wash. software giant said Tuesday.

Microsoft Releases Windows 2000 Service Pack

Microsoft Corp. on Monday pointed users to the first service pack for Windows 2000, an 87M-byte download that fixes an array of problems with the 5-month-old operating system.

Microsoft exudes confidence

Microsoft put on a 10-hour version of its "the best is yet to come" commercials for Wall Street this week.

The Art of Negotiation

It was a simple mistake, but an expensive one nonetheless -- and even multinational corporations such as this one are vulnerable to simple, expensive mistakes.

Lycos Switches to Microsoft-Intel

The Lycos Network, an Internet hub that claims more than 32 million users, this week converted to a Microsoft-Intel configuration for its primary platform, executives from Lycos Inc. and Microsoft Corp. announced Thursday.

Office Upgrade Previewed By Microsoft

Microsoft Corp. demonstrated the next version of its Office productivity suite Thursday, including some features that will usher in the company's .NET strategy, as well as an "Office server" product due early next year.

Gates Looks to Assure Wall Street

Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates pitched his .NET concept to Wall Street here Thursday, offering a glimpse of the software giant's future to the analysts who make "buy" or "sell" recommendations on its stock.