Stories by Bob Trott

Microsoft claims 1 millionth Windows 2000 sale

Sales of Windows 2000 have hit the 1 million mark, less than one month after the product's February 17 launch, putting it on a pace similar to Windows 98 acceptance, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft Readies Interoperability Server

ALMOST A YEAR after first talking about "Babylon," Microsoft this week has released the first beta of its Host Integration Server 2000, formerly known by that biblical code name.

Unisys, Compaq Team Up on 32-way Servers

Unisys Corp. and Compaq Computer Corp. are teaming up to deliver 32-processor servers for Windows 2000 Datacenter, a high-end version of the operating system that is due for release about 120 days after Windows 2000 launches.

Unisys, Compaq Strike Datacenter Deal

It's not being released at the Windows 2000 Expo here this week, but Microsoft's Windows 2000 Datacenter received a couple of shots in the arm Tuesday.

Dell CEO Clarifies Windows 2000 Comments

Dell CEO Michael Dell sought to clarify his expectations for Windows 2000 on Tuesday, saying his comments that Microsoft's operating system will not boost sales should not be read as a criticism of the product.

Microsoft Guards Against Windows 2000 Piracy

In a move to combat the manufacturing of illegal copies of its most important software release to date, Windows 2000 will include some of Microsoft's latest anti-piracy features, the company announced Thursday.

Microsoft readies Windows-Unix software

Microsoft took a step toward building interoperability between Windows 2000 and Unix systems on Monday with the release to manufacturing of Interix 2.2.
The release is the result of Microsoft's purchase last year of Softway Systems, which first built the Windows-Unix compatibility software.

IT Proceeds with Caution Over Windows 2000

Brain Jaffe has read all the articles and reviews, he's heard years' worth of hype and sales pitches from Microsoft Corp., he's watched the betas come and go, and he's heard all the arguments, pro and con.

Microsoft Combines Neptune, Odyssey into Whistler

Microsoft Corp. operating system developers working on Neptune, the forthcoming consumer version of Windows NT, and those building Odyssey, the upgrade to Windows 2000, are now working on the same project: Whistler.

Microsoft Disputes Judge's 'Monopoly' Label

Microsoft Corp. fired back at the government's claim that it has trampled antitrust laws, and a federal judge's declaration that it is a monopoly, in a lengthy "conclusions of law" finding filed last week.

DOJ, States Favor Plan to Break Up Microsoft

THE FEDERAL government and 19 states suing Microsoft on antitrust grounds are in agreement that a breakup of the software giant is the most suitable punishment for its anti-competitive behavior, sources close to the case said.

Start-up Discovers Day Care Niche Online

INTERNET START-UPS spring up like weeds, because savvy entrepreneurs see a need and rush to meet it. Monis Rahman, co-founder and chief technology officer of, is one such entrepreneur.

Group Attacks Planned Software Licensing Law

AN ALLIANCE of businesses, trade coalitions, and other organizations mobilized last week to fight the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA), a proposed law that the group says will give software vendors many powerful -- and alarming -- licensing rights.

Windows 2000 is Ready

Microsoft sent Build 2195 of Windows 2000 to manufacturing last week, signalling the end of production of the long-awaited next-generation client/server operating system.