Stories by Sarah Putt

Vodafone NZ pays NZ$3m for remaining stake in rural ISP

TeamTalk has sold its remaining 30% stake in BayCity Communications, a rural New Zealand ISP and telecommunications provider through its Farmside operation, to Vodafone NZ for NZ$3 million. Last year Vodafone acquired 70% of the company from TeamTalk for $10 million in cash.

New Zealand unprepared for AI

It could increase GDP by up to NZ$54 billion by 2035, but a report on the state of Artificial Intelligence in New Zealand, shows that this country is generally unprepared for this disruptive technology.

NZ moves to cement ties with SKA

New Zealand is looking to become an associate member of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) to ensure that its scientists remain involved in the global project to build the world’s largest radio telescope.

Encouraging women in ICT careers

They lifted their wine glasses from the cinema bar and raised them to the air. 'What elegant women,' I thought. 'The gaming development industry isn't the male-dominated, hoodie-wearing stereotype any longer.' I was waiting for the start of Indie Games: The Movie, which screened on the evening before the New Zealand Game Developers Conference in Auckland.

Catching the eye of Google

Google's man in charge of acquisitions - vice-president of corporate development David Lawee - was in Auckland recently, but he was keeping quiet on whether any Kiwi businesses were on his radar.