Stories by Howard Dahdah

Internet domain letter creates confusion

Australian business are once again being subjected to a domain registration mailout that may be deemed misleading and confusing to consumers, the .au Domain Administration (auDA) has warned.

Reseller finds fault with Veritas

Veritas has been accused of openly shipping a faulty backup product for more than a month, using customer and reseller resources to correct its mistake.

SCO to address NSW Unix users tonight

The Australian Unix Users Group has weighed in on the SCO-Linux debate, claiming the company's current litigation does nobody in the Unix/Linux communities any good.

Palyh worm makes tracks in Australia

An e-mail purporting to be from Microsoft, but in fact a hoax carrying a computer worm, is causing a few headaches for Internet users across Australia today.

Some heat dissipates from Firebird, Mozilla naming war

The Firebird RDBMS project has successfully managed to get the Mozilla Organisation to formally drop its use of the 'Firebird' name to describe its upcoming browser, but the heated debate created by the name change continues to smoulder.

Hot Water: PwC faces legal action after failed IT project

Sydney Water will take legal action against PricewaterhouseCoopers after the consulting firm's inability to deliver a major IT billing project on time. In the process, this cost the water provider twice as much as was originally projected.

Mozilla 'dirty deed' brings out a Firey response

That free lovin' spirit shared among the open source community has been ruffled this week after a decision by The Mozilla Organization to change the name of its browser-only product to Firebird. This has landed it in trouble with a database project of the same name.

Zeus winning third-place battle in Web server market

Although Apache and Microsoft comfortably have the Web server market stitched up, sitting behind them in the third spot is the lesser known Zeus server, which, in the process, has managed to head off competition from the more intensely marketed SunONE server.

NetBSD celebrates 10 years

This week marks the tenth anniversary of the NetBSD operating system and in honour of the occasion developers worldwide are having a party.