Stories by Howard Dahdah

Supercomputer has local roots

Melbourne developers played an integral role in a new range of SGI supercomputers making their debut in the Extreme Linux roadshow touring Australian cities now.

Changes to HP certification are in the mail

People accredited with Hewlett-Packard training will learn the status of their certification within the next two to fours weeks following an overhaul of the company's accreditation process earlier in the month.

Govt taps interest in OSS after seminar success

NOIE-sponsored open source seminars may become a regular feature in Canberra after a successful gathering of speakers and CIOs from government departments and agencies earlier this week.

A cut above: Ice breaker makes a splash in Antarctica

In early January, Healy, a US Coast Guard Cutter set off from its base in Seattle on a mission to the South Pole to help fellow ice breaker the Coast Guard Cutter Polar Sea. The goal of the ice breaker is to chomp though chunks of ice in the Ross Sea, creating a path in the sea en route to its destination, McMurdo Sound.

Changes to HP certification on the way

Professionals equipped with official Hewlett-Packard and Compaq training prior to the companies' merger will find out the state of their accreditation when the company announces its new certification roadmap next month.

SES gets Unique site solution

When it comes to natural disasters such as floods, storms or rural road accidents, Australia's Sate Emergency Service volunteers are first on the scene, providing expert assistance and rescue.

Hammer time: AMD spruiks 64-bit computing

Early next year AMD will release its much hyped 64-bit Hammer chips. Its country manager for Australia and New Zealand, John Robinson and technical manager Michael Apthorpe speak to Howard Dahdah about what customers can expect from its new x86-64 architecture.

Interview -- Migrating to Itanium: HP discusses its Unix strategy

Hewlett-Packard has the task of migrating its Unix customers running HP-UX on PA-RISC, as well as recently acquired Tru64 Alpha customers from Compaq, over to Intel's Itanium architecture. Making sure this transition happens smoothly in Australia is Steve Williamson who transferred from Compaq and now is business development manager in HP's business critical systems division.

Vamos appointed Microsoft Australia MD

After three years as the head of Microsoft Australia, Paul Houghton has been sent packing to the US, with the company announcing today that Steve Vamos has been appointed managing director of the software company.

Satellites track icebergs

In May this year the National Ice Center in the US reported the sighting of a new iceberg, C-19 which broke off from the Ross Ice Shelf down in the Southern ocean.

C-19 is a large sheet of glacial ice which extends from the Antarctic mainland into the southern Ross Sea. The imagery used by the NIC in ice identification is satellite derived. In the case of C-19, the iceberg was spotted by the Center using the latest satellite image from the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program's Operational Line Scan Infra-red sensor.