Stories by Howard Dahdah

Consumer focus brings down Gateway

Both observers and players in the PC market have attributed Gateway's failure to maintain a broad market appeal as a major factor in the company closing its Australian doors Wednesday.

Survey reveals language a Net hurdle

Australian businesses may be eagerly trying their hands at online commerce, but many are locking out the potential of reaching a true global audience because they are not properly dealing with languages other than English.

Antarctican's brush up on language skills

The homepage of the site has a promo ad saying its latest interactive language lesson is "Designed for busy people". Perhaps this should also read "Remote people" or more precisely "People at the bottom of the earth". This is because some of Parlo's customers, like the languages it teaches, are truly global - including a couple of scientific workers at McMurdo Station, Antarctica.

ACCC steps up DVD investigation

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has stepped up its investigation into the practice of DVD regional coding, following concerns that vendors are not properly advising consumers that certain codes may lead to a lockdown of their DVD players.

Now we can really say e-commerce has gone global

While wealthy Western countries have been lapping up the opportunities and convenience of buying goods online, the tiny nations of the Northern Mariana Islands, Benin, Bhutan and the Federated States of Micronesia have only just joined the e-commerce fray.

HotShed eyes dstore

dstore, that famed failed online etailer has reappeared in the headlines again after an offer was put forward Monday by Brisbane-based technology company HotShed to purchase the company for a mere $615,000.

Software flaw opens Cisco devices to hackers

A flaw in Cisco Systems Inc.'s Cisco IOS (Internetwork Operating System) could allow hackers to gain full control over virtually all Cisco routers and switches using the software, Cisco said in a security advisory issued Thursday.

Ecorp promotes Deans to CEO

Ecorp Ltd has promoted Alison Deans to the new position of chief executive officer effective from July 1.
Currently e-corp's chief operating officer, a position she has held since the role was created 10 months ago, Deans joined ecorp's board this week.